Government warns Luis Rubiales that “alleged erratic behavior” hurts football federation


The Higher Sports Council requires the manager to step up and if he can show that nothing is irregular.

CSD President, Jose
The President of the CSD, Jose Manuel Franco, during an act in Valladolid.Galician NachosEFE

Till now the conscience prevailed. Container waiting for events. Until now. The president of the government begins to take a step in relation to Luis Rubiales. Spanish Football FederationAnd information that points to the recordings of members of the government, among others, commissions related to the dispute over the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

executive, through high sports councilRubiales in which he warned that the “alleged erratic behavior” in his performance “could damage the image and good name of the Federation”. A first warning of sorts.

“As soon as something substantive happens that affects the legality of sport, no one should have any doubts that the High Sports Council will act in the most convenient way in defense of Spanish sport,” the Secretary of State for Sport said on Wednesday. game, Jose Manuel Franco, in the last hours secret has published information in which it is learned that Rubiales has recorded high-ranking government officials, including ministers and former Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano,

On the part of the government, faced with a delicate matter, he prefers to measure his footsteps. But this Thursday’s decision anti corruption prosecutor has been forced to launch an investigation into the alleged irregularities committed by Rubiales. Now the matter is not only about journalism information, but the judicial process is also being started.

The request to the President of the Spanish Football Federation is clear: “As long as justice does not rule on the basis of your complaint and the issues filed by others, I think it is very convenient that you provide the public opinion with the data.” that you have to reduce the concern that some information has arisen”.

That is to say, they urge Rubiales to make a move. They require movements. The content of journalistic information is not liked within the government. Therefore the manager needs to take further steps to prove that there are no irregularities, because if he does not do so, new decisions may open up.

“The High Sports Council is committed to protecting the best values ​​of sport and the reputation of all sporting institutions and institutions, objectives we undoubtedly share with the Federation you preside,” reads the text of the letter that Franco signed. and whose address is Rubials.

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