Goya’s painting goes up for auction for two million euros


Goya’s work ‘Appearance of the Virgin of the Pillar to the Apostle Santiago and His Chase’ comes from a private collection, is in “good condition” and will go up for auction on 23 June

Canvas image of Goya 'Apariki'
Image from Goya’s canvas ‘The Appearance of the Virgen del Pilar to the Apostle Santiago and His Disciples’.Alka Subasta
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canvas of francisco de goya ‘The Appearance of the Virgin of Pilar to the Apostle Santiago and His Disciples’ will go up for auction on June 23 with a starting price two million euros.

An “exportable” work from a private collection, which enjoys “good conditions of conservation” and whose restoration work was carried out in the Prado Museum, just before the exhibition in which it was in the Royal Palace of Madrid, as detailed Alkal Subastas House is in a statement

The public will be able to consider it till June 10. pre-auction risk of the firm of Madrid; It is a large-format canvas (107 x 80 cm) that was part of the old Rossillo collection.

“It is a thoroughly documented work”, described by the Marquis of Lozoya in his 1951 article ‘To Indian Goes on a Religious Theme’, explains the auction house.

The piece could be seen in 2012 at the Royal Palace in the exhibition “Goya and the Infante Don Luis Exile and Empire. Art and Science in the Time of the Spanish Enlightenment”. Subsequently, between 2013 and 2018, it has been part of the permanent exhibition of the Goya Museum in Zaragoza on a loan basis.

From a technical and chromatic point of view, based on bright and bright colorsThe work may be related to the cartoons of hunting and fishing themes for a tapestry intended to decorate the dining room of the princes of Asturias in the Royal Site of San Lorenzo del Escorial in 1775, adds the firm.

Theme of the Virgin of the Pillar Goya on various occasions. A pencil drawing is known from a page of an Italian notebook (f.134r) and a small canvas, 56 x 42 cm, which he painted h. 1771-1775, preserved in the Museum of Zaragoza.

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