Gray Report directly blames Johnson for partygate culture


Senior official Sue Gray criticizes the “attitude and behavior” permitted by the Premier and his advisers

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British ‘Premier’ Boris Johnson in Downing Street.Daniel LeelaAFP
  • United Kingdom Boris’s “toast” in the middle of ‘Partygate’

Internal report of ‘Partygate’ prepared by senior officer Sue Gray and published in full for the first time, attributes to the “Premier” for breaches of COVID rules and the culture of parties held in Downing Street boris johnson and for “political leaders and officials who were at the center of decision-making”.

Gray criticizes the “attitude and behavior” permitted by Johnson and his most direct advisors. The full release of the report, released after a two-month wait, includes multiple images of “Premier” toasting with a glass of wine and surrounded by his staff.

Gray concluded, “Whatever the intent of those celebrations, this investigation showed that the behaviors were inconsistent with the regulations in force against COVID.”

The publication of the report, as well as the spread of compromising images and reports of other parties in Downing Street outside the police investigation, have put Boris Johnson in serious political trouble, that I only got fined 100 pounds (118 euros) to attend the celebration of his own birthday in June 2020, when thousands of Britons could not even attend the funerals of the victims of Covid.

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