Green area for shanties in Cada Real’s most dangerous sector: “The important thing is to recover the land gradually”


Last year the community reclaimed 109,255 meters of public land after rehabilitating 143 families. Another 160 will be moved before 2024

Ca.  K Shack in Sector VI
Before the shack in Sector VI of Cada Real was

Cada’s commitment to making Madrid green has reached Sector VI of Cada Real, which is known for its most tumultuous and drug squabbles. In this, the community of Madrid A total of 109,255 meters in 2021. recovered Sections of land from 143 parcels that are being rebuilt after their tenants, Families resettled at risk in new homes.

In the future, the idea of ​​the regional government’s environmental sector is to turn this enclave into a friendly area where you can walk, something that has not been possible till date. “The important thing is to go Healing the ground slowly”color.

For the time being, the streets of this sector have the aura of a chaotic city. kiosk where Instead of candy they sell narcotics Chabolas are protected by beams that scream “popeyes, popeyes“Every time a police officer goes ahead with your business.

“They say Cada is bad, but that’s a lie. We are like any other neighborhood in Madrid. There are good and bad people. yes there are people who do traffic, but they are not as many, Here we have nurses, engineers…”, said a resident of Gran Madrid a few months ago.

160 new resettlement in two years

Aware of the problems of this enclave, today, Tuesday, the second edition of the Cada Real Executive Committee will be held, which will be attended by representatives of the three city councils (Coslada, Rivas and Madrid), the government delegation. and the community of Madrid. In addition to putting in data and contributing data to the difficult situation experienced by the residents of Sector VI, they will verify If the roadmap marked last year continues its course.

At the moment, nothing suggests otherwise. Over the next two years, a new agreement will be executed, which will be concluded with a budget of 34 million euros financed in equal parts by the Community and the City Council of Madrid, and through this they will transfer 160 new families (in addition to the 143 already transferred), In this way, the recovery of public land in the area will continue, especially 136,770.31 square meters belonging to 72 plots The Las Lomas is located between the incinerator and the access bridge to the La Paloma plant.

Plot, no longer a hut, where to develop
Plots, now without huts, where green areas will be

mode of operation It’s easy thanks to this green revolution in Caada Real. The Autonomous Government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso notifies families by letter of the address of their new home and has a month to go through the move. away from your former home It is demolished.

all this uplift Verdespecified from the environmental sector, Planting of native species should be done by and counting all the time in collaboration with the Directorate General of Biodiversity and Natural Resources. In return, this will be accompanied by one million euros earmarked for the installation of conditioning and fencing works, protection and cleaning of tracks in 2022. traffic control cameras Or general action in the demolition of vacant lots and buildings.

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