Guide to Understanding the US Gun Lobby


an association formed in 1871 to teach people to use weapons effectively and safely

An NRA supporter at a convention
An NRA sympathizer at a gun convention in Indiana.Karen BlairAFP

It is talked about so much that it is never explained what it is. Here’s a brief guide to understand what it is National Rifle Association (NRA).

How, when and why was the NRA born?

During separation warSoldiers of the North – who opposed slavery – had shown a disastrous target, so two veterans (one of them, a former reporter for the ‘New York Times’) set out to teach people how to use weapons effectively. NRA was formed in 1871. safely. Its objectives were to limit the possession of weapons. who were not hunted or targeted.

NRA Defending Gun Control? This is Fake News!

of course. By 1977, the NRA supported a tax on firearms, a ban on the public display of weapons, and an end to machine guns, saw-off shotguns, silencers, and other weapons used by criminals. Yes, it sounds very different from today’s NRA, which in 2017 with the support of Trump’s eldest son, Don ‘Jr.’, proposed liberalizing the sale of silencers on the grounds that noise from guns is noise pollution.

How did this mutation happen?

In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States experienced a brutal increase in crime with smaller left-wing and black terrorist movements, for which part of the NRA began advocating that people arm themselves to defend themselves . like this you’Cincinnati Uprising’: An impeccable palace coup at the 1977 NRA assembly, which was held in that city, and in which the group in favor of liberalizing arms took full control of the organization.

What happened then?

Today’s NRA is the brainchild of ‘Cincinnati Rebellion’ leader Harlon Carter, who transformed the NRA from an organization of poachers to a group opposed to racial integration and rampant immigration (Carter himself converted a Mexican at the age of 18). Was murdered in the street) brawl). Ronald Reagan, who came to power in 1981, understood the power of NRA voters’ mobilization, and he and Carter forged Insoluble coalition between the Republican Party and the Association,

How important are guns to Americans?

No, really, fewer and fewer Americans have guns, although more and more have them. The NRA is a political organization that defends the most conservative and ‘nativist’ Republican ideology with arms as a symbol.

Why does it have so much power?

For his donations to campaigns and, above all, to the American electoral system, which places great importance on rural areas. The NRA estimates that approximately 4 million members -although it never published the number of its allies-, with a great degree of political mobilization, who vote in the Republican primaries and the general public.

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