Guns in America, a Self-Destructive Obsession Rooted in History

It is estimated that there are 12,000 to 13,000 homicides, about 1,000 accidents, and about 6,000 suicides with weapons each year in the United States.

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The idea that Americans’ passion for firearms stems from their undying love of freedom is beautiful. This too is a lie. That country’s 330 million citizens have roughly the same number of firearms. Like the other 7,570 million people who live on planet Earth. The love for freedom on the part of 4.17% of the world’s population seems more than a romance, a self-destructive obsession, Not to mention that the number of semi-automatic rifles per capita of a country would be turned into a ‘libertometer’.

are also in america more firearms – about 400 million – than people, The latter counts among newborns and people in nursing homes or psychiatric hospitals. It is much easier to acquire a firearm than a mobile phone. This is because of a system known as ‘private selling’, which is done directly between the buyer and the seller. There is no requirement in those transactions. In the state of Virginia, being a resident of that area and over the age of 12 is sufficient. That’s how this journalist could get a second hand shotgun in October 2014 for just $75 (70 euros).

It is not known exactly how many weapons there are, as the state does not have the authority to count them. as well It is unknown how many people die because of them. Since the Republican Party won a majority in Congress in 1995 and literally forbade the federal government from counting them.

It is estimated that there are 12,000 to 13,000 homicides each year, about 1,000 accidents, and about 6,000 suicides each year, which are rarely talked about, but when instead of taking some pills or jumping. It is very easy to execute them. Out the window, a person can easily blow his head. therefore 400 million weapons cause 20,000 deaths annually, This is more than twice the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan together.

Case There is something modern between the Americans and their weapons, and one that reflects the ideological and racial tensions in that country. The Second Amendment establishes as a principle the idea of “A Well Regulated Militia”, But anyone who has attended meetings of the National Rifle Association, the main organization that defends the unrestricted right to own and use firearms, may have noticed that an appreciable portion of the public moves around in wheelchairs because they are so fat. that he can hardly walk. No militia on planet Earth will enlist anyone who cannot act as a shock force, no matter how high a military spirit the candidate may have.

In fact, The NRA was a hunter-gatherer organization that supported very strict gun regulation. In 1971, amid the country’s polarization by countercultural movements and opposition to the Vietnam War, it embraced white and Christian conservatism (its leaders always refer to “our churches” in their speeches). The extreme version is following it more and more radically.

But most Americans who have guns are not militiamen. have to prove it twitter account well regulated militia (“Well-Regulated Militia”), which takes its name from the Second Amendment, gathers every day a festival of vandalism with a sizzling satire, ‘Links’ to the news, the tragic vandalism of the firearms of the day: people who Enter a restaurant, not realizing he’s carrying a loaded gun and blowing his gonads while he sits, kids whose parents let him play with their guns until each other’s doesn’t blow his head off, and, this reporter’s favorite, a woman who carries a revolver in her bra and who inadvertently shoots her while having sex, kills her boyfriend and dies from being shot. You little dead converted into big dead, It would be more fun if it weren’t sad, absurd, and above all, unnecessary.

The Second Amendment was born in the context of a country which, originally, A confederation without true armed forces of semi-independent states (In fact, Americans didn’t begin to refer to their own country in the singular until the late 19th century, that is, for more than 100 years they spoke of their own nation as we do today “Germany” or “Spain,” a clear indication) in that national unity was too loose). Not only that, firearms and militia had two purposes: Kill the natives and kill the runaway slaves.

Most Indigenous massacres in the United States were not committed by the military, although that’s what Hollywood told us, but by the militia called “Affected Citizens”In addition, since they were not subject to any military code, they carried out an extermination campaign that eliminated the former inhabitants of the country. As far as patrols to catch runaway slaves are concerned, this is a common occurrence in other colonial societies.

Those tensions continue to this day. Three months ago, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, which covers the country’s northeast, ruled that Illegal immigrants do not have the right to possess firearms Because they are not citizens, and precedents set that slaves and indigenous peoples who were not citizens (in fact, Indians did not become US citizens until the 1930s) also did not enjoy that privilege. The cultural and racial issue is important here. If California has a restrictive law on firearms, it is because that state strictly limited that right in the late 1960s as black Californians began to arm themselves and form militias. The governor promoting that measure? Ronald Reagan Joe, a decade later, as president, became a great defender of arms liberalization.

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