Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández: two populists vying for Colombia’s presidency


An anti-politician who hates parties and an extreme leftist will face off in the second round to be held in mid-June.

Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate and France M
Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and Colombian Vice Presidential candidate Francia Marquez.AP
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The wonder has ended and, for the first time in recent Colombian history, There will be two populists who best embody change Demanded by voters competing for the presidency of Colombia on June 19.

Rodolfo Hernandez77 years and non-political personality One who despises parties and finances his campaign with his own money so as not to depend on anyone, will be the rival of the giant gustavo petro62 years, Leader of the Far Left Movement And aspire to capture the Palacio de Nario for the third time.

Petro won this Sunday in the first election with 40%, Hernandez is second with 28% while for independents i live gutierrezThe one which brought together authority and authority at the center and had the support of traditional parties, has occupied the third position. with 24%,

In his speech after hearing the results, Petro said, “Corruption is not fought with TikTok messages.” He has also pointed to getting rich at the expense of the poor who go into debt to buy a house.

In his turn, Hernández has said that “there is a strong civic will to end corruption as a system of government. Today the country lost to politics and corruption. Today they lost the gangs they believed they were.” There will be a government forever,” referring to Fico and traditional parties backing him. despite the blow Gutierrez announces that the vote for Hernández is to stop Petros.,

The candidate of the historic treaty—an amalgamation of parties such as the Communist Party, the Patriotic Union or the Democratic Poll—awakens hatred and love alike. In his sole executive position—the mayor of Bogota—, petro He gained only 36% of citizens’ approval at the end of his mandate. But their current challenge is not to show that they have learned from their mistakes, but to allay the fears they cause. close to chavismo And some of their economic propositions, which increase hives.

It should be noted that with 1.8 million Venezuelan immigrants, Colombia is an extraordinary witness to the way an autocratic regime has ravaged the once prosperous Venezuela. The fear that he would repeat a similar model was one of the reasons for his defeat earlier. Ivan Duke in 2018.

“We will see whether Colombian society has lost its fear of the petro and bet on the most radical change, or if their figure remains restrained,” analyzes Yesid Lancheros, deputy director of the Colombian magazine Semana. “Now he has more support than in 2018; he has managed to persuade more people, including businessmen, to fear him.”

Unsure of his victory, Petro has spent the election campaign assuring that the Duke government and the general elite will try to block his path with some sinister conspiracy, although that type of discourse now loses force. That he would face criticism from the government and a man oblivious to Bogota’s politics.

Rodolfo Hernandez, which has no party, has limited itself to repeating itself during the campaign that it fights corruption like no other. among their promises clear populist tuff These include turning Rashtrapati Bhavan into a museum, as he does not plan to live in it, and taking bodyguards and official cars from legislators, although the head of state lacks the power to act in Congress and the Senate. .

,This is an unprecedented political eventA man from the provinces, with almost no experience in public service, who says things without a filter,” Lancheros points out. “But he has a lot of potential to win over Petro and be president because he stirs enthusiasm and For one represents change. The big sector of the government… close.”

in the middle of May, Ingrid Betancourt Abandoned Her Presidential Aspirations And he joins Hernández, and it is likely that he will have a portfolio in his cabinet, which could be foreign affairs, when it expires in June.

“Of the candidates who were, only Rodolfo can fight for Tata Petro and he has a lot to look forward to,” says Carlos Suarez, the agency’s Director of Strategy and Power.

In addition to Fico Gutierrez, the polls dropped Sergio Fajardo, the mathematician who left the center, who started as the favorite and finished with only 4%. Define your next steps this week.

Starting this Monday, a second phase begins in which Petro must break its ceiling, which is always around 40%, and Hernández, ensuring the electoral flow that he already has, adds FICO voters and among them Attract most. hub. He has the advantage that he has been close to Petro for Uribe and was about to seal a deal with Sergio Fajardo.

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