Hackers can hack accounts even before users sign up


Security flaws found on 35 websites, including Instagram and Dropbox

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  • Security US fines Twitter for sensitive data breach

Cyber ​​security is the order of the day. According to a study conducted by the researcher of Microsoft Security Response CenterAndrew Pavard and Avinash Suddhodanan hackers have been able to exploit security loopholes to hijack accountsEven before the user has finished the registration.

In the analysis they did, they checked 75 websites, of which at least 35 were weak, these pages were Instagram, LinkedIn, Zoom, WordPress or Dropbox.

By accessing this registration moment, hackers can read and modify sensitive information associated with the account, such as messages, invoices, usage history… can be presented as

To gain access, hackers only need Email address, The hacker then creates an account on a sensitive site and waits for the victim to drop it. unwanted email The mail that arrives in your inbox.

Once the email has been transferred, the hacker looks for a way for the owner of the email to create an account.

The user can enable multi-step verification to prevent this type of hijacking.

Researchers have notified these 35 websites and many of them have already have solved these problems of security.

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