Happy ending for German girls kidnapped by anti-vaccine parents and taken to Paraguay


The couple who kept them would release them and they would surrender to the authorities in the South American country over the next few days.

Anne Maja Reniger-Egler, Mother of a Nice
Anne Maja Reniger-Egler, mother of one of the girls, when she went to Paraguay to recover her daughter.AP
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Two German girls are kidnapped by their parents and taken to Paraguay without the consent of their respective former allies, which will have a happy ending. The couple, who fled to South America, are ready to surrender. weigh in on them Interpol search warrant for parental rights violation and kidnapping,

“Life on the escape was not what they wanted, neither the girls nor the parents”, declared the lawyer for the mother of one of them. According to Ingo Bot of the Dusseldorf-based Plan A law firm, the couple will turn themselves into Paraguayan authorities in the coming days.

The bot has been instrumental in solving the case. He has acted as a mediator on the spot, and has managed to see the couple cause. girls will return to germany soon,

After the father of one of the girls and the mother of the other remarried, they fled to Paraguay without the consent of their former partners. The kidnapping happened in November, when the rebound in the coronavirus pandemic raised an anti-vaccine wave, despite the fact that vaccination was never mandatory. The couple tried to stop the other two parents from looking for the girls by leaving a suicide note as a goodbye.

Traces of the girls appeared in Paraguay, where deniers and anti-vaccines from around the world, including about 2,000 Germans, have fled from the restrictions imposed by the government To stop the epidemic. The track has been an abandoned vehicle used by the parents in Bella Vista, about 400 kilometers south of Asuncion.

One of the girls, Anne Maja Reniger—Egler’s mother, Clara Magdalena Egler (10)—his daughter—and Lara Valentina Blank (11) went there to seek civilian support.

instability in paraguay

The Public Ministry’s Trafficking Unit and the National Police’s Anti-Abduction Department have opened an investigation into Andreas Rainer Egler – Clara’s father – and Anna Maria Egler, little girls arriving in the country with Lara. Mother. It was not easy to establish contact with him.

“There are many German communities here and almost all of them are very closed, which is why the investigation is so difficult,” explained Mario Vallejos, deputy director of the Paraguayan police.

German migration to Paraguay skyrocketed last year, Chasing the dream of complete freedom, without anticovid measures, a far cry from the so-called dictatorships like Germany. It is a new form of emigration, which took place after World War II, follows its own rules in most cases and is always protected by secrecy. This explains why Paraguayan police officers condemned the lack of secrecy and cooperation of German communities in the areas where the girls were seen.

The plaintiff’s lawyers have not disclosed the details of the conversation with the other party for the sake of the girls. The important thing is that in a few days they will be back.

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