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The company had been considering names to replace Jose Antonio lvarez for some time and the pressure did not subside after the disappointed signing of Andrea Orcel.

Hector Grisi, the future CEO of Banco Santander.EM
  • Bank Santander appoints Hector Grisi as representative adviser in place of Jose Antonio Lavarez

Banco Santander argues this way, “He has extensive experience and knows the business very well. He has a long professional career, with a great focus on the client and the transformation processes between the groups and markets.” Connectivity has a proven ability to lead.” of Hector Gray As the new CEO of the entity with effect from January 1, replacing Jose Antonio Lavarez,

“He is the ideal person to lead the group along with the chairman, Anna Boughton”, said Bruce Carnegie Brown, chairman of the board’s appointments committee, which has been in charge of their final election. cleaned up like this one of the unknown Which has flown on the unit in recent months, when Alvarez’s replacement has accelerated.

The company had been shuffling names to take over the new phase for some time, and the pressure did not subside after failing and later suing the frustrated signing. Andrea Orsel, Candidates outside and inside the unit have been at the table and have finally ended up betting on an internal profile that has been in the group for many years and that will allow it to bridge across the Atlantic to add synergy.

Grisi joined the group in 2015 as CEO of Santander Mexico and has fueled a great transformation of the business over the years; However, his professional career spans over 35 years. Prior to joining the Cantabrian unit, Mexican worked for 18 years at Credit Suisse, where he held various positions of responsibility, including director of investment banking for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and later general manager and director representative of Credit Suisse Mexico. worked on. He studied in Mexico and Canada, and received a degree in finance from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Anna Botton highlights her leadership, teamwork and her ability to create value for customers and shareholders. “I have great faith in Hector”, In a statement issued by the unit this Friday, the chairman said, and has appealed its results over the years as support for the decision. “His outstanding results as CEO of Santander Mexico and Head of North America speak for themselves and are the best example of why the Board has selected him to lead the Bank in this new phase of growth and transformation. “

During his years at Santander Mexico, Grissi has driven the transformation of the business, which placed the return on adjusted ordinary tangible capital at 31% at the end of March 2022, a nearly 50% increase in the number of active clients, to close to 10. million, and doubling the number of connected customers.

In addition, it has placed the unit between Country’s first bank in SME, Business, Mortgage and Project Finance (project finance) In 2019, he was appointed regional manager for North America, whose main markets are Mexico and the United States.

In 2021, the United States reached Best results in its history With a profit of $2,750 million, compared to $648 million in 2018, and became the largest contributor to the group’s profit.

Also under his leadership, connectivity between the region’s markets has increased, which has enabled it to take advantage of cross-border business opportunities, improve efficiencies, and build a common operating model (“One Santander”). enabled to move forward. As a result, the sector has almost doubled its gains since 2019.

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