Head blows, alarms and alert signals during the next 24 hours


Eight out of ten injuries are minor. Monitoring the condition of the child or adult is basic and in case of any irregular signs one should go to the emergency room.

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If there’s something that scares more or less usually than blood, it’s a blow to the head. Especially when the taker of them is the youngest in the house.

They are one of those moments that fathers and mothers fear, but will inevitably end one day or another. A small mistake by a parent or a stumble by a child is enough to cause their head to hit a hard surface, and at that point the question arises whether they should go to the emergency room or not. I believe this question will be completely resolved when you read this article.

Hits to the head, are they always dangerous?

Luckily not. Most of them suffer minor injuries that are not beyond the fear of the parent, the cries of the baby and the appearance of the classic bump. Notably, 8 out of 10 head injuries are minor and do not require any kind of medical attention.

Has there been a setback, are we going to the emergency room?

After the blow we must assess how the child is in order to make a decision. If she has not lost consciousness at any point, the crying is intense, she is not drowsy after the shock, everything is apparently normal and the child does not take risky medication or has a deformity that could affect her health because of the shock We have no reason to go to the emergency room. It is enough to observe the condition of the child for the next 24 hours.

What should we look for after a blow to the head?

There are a series of warning signs that must be observed during the next 24 hours following a blow, and in the event of their presence, under no circumstances can a visit to the emergency room be delayed. These are the signs and symptoms:

  • Vomiting, dizziness or seizures.
  • Headache that increases in intensity over the course of hours.
  • Loss of muscle strength or changes in vision.
  • Difficulty speaking that was not present before the blow.
  • Numb, child has trouble waking up, behavior changes.

Shall I kill her with Rinika’s wand?

There aren’t some parents who carry a pot of Rinica with them every time their child goes to play in the park, at the thought of sticking it to the skin after every stroke.

But if we consult science, unfortunately we find that rinica has not been shown to be useful for stopping the lump from coming out, at all for easing the pain after a head injury. Nor to prevent the end of the blow that would cause serious injury.

Whenever possible, it is better to apply ice to the area to reduce the swelling as well as soothe the pain to some extent.

Can I give you paracetamol?

If you’re not allergic, of course you are. Hits to the head are painful for children and adults, and if the child complains of pain after it occurs, we may give him an oral anti-inflammatory (paracetamol or ibuprofen) to relieve the initial symptoms.

Is it true that you can’t let him sleep?

No. It’s not like that. It is not necessary to make every effort to prevent the baby from sleeping, he can be put to sleep without any problem, but we should wake him up every 4 hours to check that he is as usual and for significant results Continues without a hitch.

In the case of adults, is the advice the same?

In fact the guidelines to follow after a head injury do not differ from children to adults, we can also apply all the advice I have given to adults before. The warning signs we have in the 24 hours after the coup are the same. But we should be especially careful with people who take oral anticoagulants, as there is a high risk of bleeding as a result of trauma.

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