Health Alert for the Presence of Histamine in Tuna Cans


Consumption of contaminated fish causes allergy-like symptoms

retired can of tuna
retired can of tunamonteo
  • poisoning Spain adds two confirmed cases and three possible cases of salmonellosis linked to Kinder products

Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN) has notified on its website health warning By presence of histamine In Canned Tuna in Sunflower Oil from Spain.

Agency has received the information thank you the rioja who has used Rapid Exchange Coordinated System of information for transfer of information.

The product has been delivered Valencian Community Although they do not rule out that it could have been distributed elsewhere.

AESAN alerts have been transferred to the competent authorities through a coordinated system for rapid exchange of information with a view to verify the return of affected products from marketing channels.

histamine It is a hormone produced by cells of the immune system and also in cells of the digestive tract and blood vessels. It affects the blood vessels and capillaries in different parts of the body and acts as a diffuser.

There are some foods such as tuna, chocolate, strawberries and tomatoes that can produce this substance. In the case of tuna when the fish enters contact with bacteriaWhen it is kept at insufficient temperature, due to loss of freshness or due to defects in handling of food.

Consumption of histamine-contaminated tuna can lead to Symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.

Despite the alert, no case of related poisoning has been detected so far. AESAN recommends that people who have affected products at home Avoid consuming them and return them to the place of purchase.

  • Product name (on label)Pairing: Tuna in sunflower oil.
  • Brand Name: Monte and Didillo.
  • product appearance: 1 kg can (RO900 format)
  • lot number:L03922JC.
  • preferential consumption date: 08/02/2027.
  • unit weight: 1 kg.
  • Temperature: atmosphere.

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