Health alert on death of one person after eating “devil’s turnip”


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“Devil’s turnip”, the tuber that caused the death of a personBurgondo City Council
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Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2, Betanzos, sent a letter this Monday to the city council of Burgondo to alert the residents of San Pao that avoid eating tubers Oenanthe spp (X 49 CIE 10), known as the “Devil’s Turnip”, recently caused the death of one person, reports municipal sources.

In the month of December, a Colombian man died from 37For the consumption of this tuber, residents of Sampaio in the parish of Guasamo.

It was a neighbor of the place who gave an alert after not seeing the man for a long time and knocking on his door and getting no response.

The plant is common in Galicia at altitudes below 1,000 m, and according to Javier Kremedes, a professor of botany, “in humid regions. It is a very large plant, celery-like And it has a yellow tubercle which is poisonous”.

The inhabitants of Galicia know the poisonous characteristics of this tuber that cause epilepsy with convulsions and directly affect the brain.

The taste of the tuber is similar to that of celery, so when consumed it does not appear to be poison itself. Patients die by drowning due to being conscious all the time.

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