Health reported 98 confirmed cases of monkeypox in Spain


The Carlos III Institute of Health has received samples of 200 suspected cases of ‘monkeypox’.

Researchers at the National Center for Microbiology
Researchers from the National Center for Microbiology (CNM).Chema MoyaEFE
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  • infections First case of a woman infected with monkeypox in Madrid

ministry Health Total has communicated this Friday 98 confirmed cases Monkeypox, 14 more than yesterday, following an analysis conducted by the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Institute of Health in Madrid.

To date, health Carlos III Samples of 200 suspected cases of ‘monkeypox’ have been found Or monkeypox, yesterday, 43 more than those notified on Thursday.

The research center has confirmed 98 positive cases of ‘orthopoxvirus’, so they are considered to be confirmed cases of monkeypox.

other 102 cases have tested negative for smallpox and other ‘orthopoxviruses’This is why they are dismissed as cases of ‘monkeypox’.

First recorded case of monkeypox in a woman

In the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has confirmed the first four cases of monkey pox in Catalonia, Whereas from the Madrid community it announced the first case of monkeypox or monkeypox in a woman.

The community of Madrid is the one that has recorded the most cases in the entire national territory, This Thursday it was reported that there are already 65 confirmed cases of monkeypox or smack pox, one of them female related to an already established chain of infections. While the test report of other 30 patients is awaited.

They are outbreaks, “cannot be considered an epidemic”

Lugo’s Lorenzo Armenteros, spokesman for the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians, does not rule out “mass infection” by the famous monkeypox, of which Three suspected cases have been detected in Galicia.

So far they have said “Cannot be considered a pandemic” And believes that “it will not become an epidemic because it is a disease that has been known for years.”

“As seen with covid Mass infection cannot be ruled out, Let us hope that the authorities avoid this and take appropriate measures for this,” he remarked.

Armenteros insists on conveying a message of “peace” because “there is a vaccine in this matter”, however, he clarifies, that “there is also a problem that in Spain they have been working since the 1980s and beyond. Vaccinations (against smallpox) were stopped. They are vulnerable to this disease which is not as serious as covid or smallpox.

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