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Heartstopper, Series M
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when the English writer Alice Osman (Kent, United Kingdom, 1994) began with his webcomic about Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, the two secondary characters. solitaire, his first novel, he did not expect that a sketchbook parallel to his texts would become a world phenomenon. Because Wecmic was compiled into several volumes on paper and its success caught the eye of Netflix, which began producing a series with it. Joe Locke You kit connor as a hero. And, once again, the sweet love story between the two teenagers has won a landslide victory.

The author’s hard work (he remodeled a good portion of the first chapters when he found his style) had its own reward: although the work is aimed at a teenage audience, Evolved story can be enjoyed by readers of any ageDealing with issues such as queer identity, bullying, insecurities, mental health, consent or eating disorders. But all this from a positive, optimistic, poignant point of view.

The Netflix adaptation is faithful to the vignettes, how could it be otherwise: the scripts are penned by Osman himself. When production company See-Saw Films asked the writer in 2019 if she would be interested in writing an adaptation of her comic, she rejoiced. This was their opportunity to appear on the platform as well because the LGTBIQ+ collective can “find happiness, romance, and friendship” in a healthy way. To the Director and Executive Producer, euro linilike in series Sherlock, doctor who You black MirrorHe found the script “catchy”.

The series achieved what the comic did: young readers who are in the process of sexual identification. A story that generalizes the desire of a same-sex person, indicating that there is nothing wrong with accepting one’s feelings and for what they are. A safe place, a reference, as in the series, is Ayaji, the art teacher who advises the insecure Charlie on how to face his doubts and fears. And how to be happy However, happiness is now centered on Nick, the most popular boy in the school and the captain of the rugby team. Typical teenage love story between two opposite worlds but with two male protagonists. And young people, because this time the production has decided to look for actors of the same age as the protagonist.

The leaves, hearts, flowers and butterflies with which Osman has depicted many scenes in the vignettes are also present in the series. really, they are on google too, because they appear on the server when searching for series titles, characters names or story authors. allergic intensity of excitement or the sexuality the elite One side is left. Instead there are nerves before the first kiss, suspicion before sexual awakening. And innocence, a lot of innocence.

What’s interesting is that that naive tone got many adults hooked to her story. Perhaps because they saw in it what they would like to live, a happy adolescence where openly showing their homosexuality, for example, was a source of ridicule or ridicule. in this series There are LGTBIQ+ characters who aren’t necessarily doomed to tragedy, nor who just appear as comic relief. No secrecy, addiction, disease or questionable taste is a joke. Yes there are emotionally complex moments, and homophobia is still latent in their world. But above all, love wins.

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