Heat increased fire in Catalonia: about 800 hectares were burned in six fires at the same time and 70 people were evacuated


Firefighters activate the measure so that all soldiers are visible when they have vehicles to work

Artesa.  I am fire
Artesa. I am fireRaiders

The heat wave is affecting the fires in Catalonia in recent hours to such an extent that emergency troops have had to multiply to try to extinguish some and control others. For this reason, the Generalitat’s fire brigade has activated the so-called M2 phase throughout Catalonia, by which all members of the body must report to their parks as long as there are vehicles to work.

The measure comes after this Wednesday that they had to take action against six fires at the same time, two of which, in Artesa de Segre (Lleida), and Corbera d’Ebre (Tarragona) are still out of control. So they will keep performing all night. Between the two they have burned more than 750 hectares, although the one in Artesa, which has burned more than 500 hectares, has the potential to reach 20,000 hectares in the Montsac Massif, as weather conditions are unfavourable and lightning storms have opened new areas. has caused the fire. Spotlight to appear.

Apart from this, more than 70 people, including 40 minors, have been evacuated from populated areas, a camp and a summer camp. In addition, firefighters have asked residents of the area to stay at home and if it does contain the flames, they will be evacuated. Farmers also work on this fire extinguisher’s fields to offer firefighters several places where they can stop the flames from moving forward. In general, the area affected by fire is forest but in some places it is surrounded by fields.

On the other hand, the forest fire burning in Corbera d’Abre has already affected more than 250 hectares and the fire department will continue to work to extinguish it tonight. The flames have crossed the axis of the first confinement set up at TV-7333 Road. 40 ground crew and 6 aerial crew are working on this fire and the roads have been closed by the flames. Hurricanes in Aragon, which are driving the wind towards the area of ​​fire, have complicated the extinction task.

Emergency services call for extreme caution in situations of “maximum severity”, which include the coincidence of several fires across Catalonia in the heat of the heat wave. Civil Defense has announced that the Inofcat plan has been extended to Emergency Phase 1 due to separately active and simultaneous fires

In addition to Artesa de Segre and Corbera d’Abre, the fire department has dealt with “potentially” half a dozen fires from lightning strikes in Lleida areas such as Col de Narg, Castellar de la Ribera, Oliana and Forada. The latter was caused by an agricultural activity that the authorities recommended to be avoided.

Representative of the Generalitat in Lleida, burnt soloindicated that the “situation is extremely serious” although sorry there were no personal injuries.

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