Here Comes RavioXO, David Muoz’s Tribute to Universal Pasta and Dumplings


Reservations – Dinner only, every day – Open Thursdays for May and June and takes 12 minutes to complete

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Dabiz Muoz in a photoshoot for Metropoli.Carlos Garca Well

It’s been 15 years now – and it seems like it was just a matter of yesterday – since a young David (today, Dabiz for his many ‘fans’) Mooz arrived from London to open a small space for Bravo Murillo , which was the first DiverXO, their only opening that has been doubted is not surrounded by overwhelming expectation: no one knew the cook who had just soaked up Chinese cuisine in Hakkasan. Yes, the press found out very quickly, and customers thronged. Since then, each of his new initiatives – he has shown both entrepreneurial spirit and culinary talent – ​​has spurred a ‘crescendo’ following, and Monday the 16th marks the opening of Ravioxo in an atmosphere of genuine charm.

From that early and modest one at the frequent StreetXO bar, El Corte Ingales de Callao, DiverXO’s growing Ringorango, GoXO home delivery service, the ‘food truck’ with hot dogs and hamburgers differs from everything … and now a more affordable what is presented as the younger brother, but huge culinary ambitionsby DiverXO.

Along with many other groups of amateurs and professionals, this historian has had the privilege of getting a firsthand idea of ​​the restaurant, its philosophy, and its consequences on the plate. One of the preparation sessions behind closed doors last week, So let’s start with the good news: the cuisine is of exceptional originality and gastronomic value, as might be expected from Mooz. But you have to give something else, even worse: have a little patience, Reservations – Dinner only, daily – Open Thursdays for May and June and took 12 minutes to complete, Of course, for now they aren’t reserving all tables to feature the filming of impressive cast members in the kitchen and room, including Chinese and Italian chefs. All tables will be offered in July.

As the name implies, between rabioso and ravioli, there is going to be a common thread of ravioxo Pasta as a unit of fate in the universalWho will say, here: A few strips of Italian noodles or the thin Chinese dough that wraps a ‘dumpling’, come together and combine with ingredients and others from around the world. Then, a general tribute to the pasta that David has been fond of since the days of his first Spanish tortilla dumplings and which he developed ad infinitum.

Did pasta come to Italy from China with Marco Polo, or is it a legend and in fact the Italians already made their own? It doesn’t matter today: The symbiosis in this new home is overall with Spanish and American elements.

The parade includes the evolution of old recipes, such as Scrambled Egg Dumplings with Black Pudding and Sweet and Sour EarsWith a crunchy ‘lace’ that refines a proposal from 2009. Impressive in intensity – without losing its deliciousness – is singapore centoloLike ‘chili crab’ on its shell and heck is served with a Roman-style shell.

It’s impossible to detail each dish—small bites, usually by hand—but I highlight some wonderful ones, such as Chilled Spiced Ravioli ‘Won Ton’ With a phenomenal accompaniment: oatmeal, sea urchins, jalapeos and flying fish roe (tobico). And this is pure harmony. And they also offer Chickpea Corn Paste, a Mexican homage to that steamed quesadilla and popcorn (a small rib of corn) with huitlacoche mushrooms, miso butter, and mozzarella. And not to mention steamed muffins with trumpet of death…

Finally, if a consonant that symbolizes this consonant more than any other consonant gives it its key, it can be sopa vontolini: Some ‘tortellini in brodo’ stuffed with mortadella and shiitake mushrooms and served in sour broth. Easy, yes. As a dessert, ‘three thousand millefeuilles’, caramelized puff pastry with Japanese plum cream.

These sessions, served n plan ‘omacase’ -The menu decided on the spot by the chef, as the Japanese say – It also includes a range of new cocktails to accompany the dishes. This cocktail-food harmony is becoming fashionable all over the world, but we’re far less convinced by the sweetness of almost all of them, and we’ll be loyal to the wine on future trips. Of course, as an aperitif or after dessert, cocktails are welcome: its version of the Negroni is excellent.

Prices will remain a secret until opening day, but according to our traditional Metropolis calculation system (one moderately priced bottle of wine per two people), It can be suggested that they go from 80 to 110 euros per person, drinks included,

DirectionGourmet Experience: Ground floor of the bronze building of El Corte Ingalls de Castellana, with direct entry from Orens.

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