Here’s what Apple might announce at WWDC next week


The company is planning a new interface for simultaneous use of apps on the iPad, with more options when it comes to changing the size of the windows of different apps on the screen.

Here's what Apple might announce at WWDC next week
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Another year, Apple is about to launch its World Developers Conference, an annual event focused on programmers from the company’s various platforms but in which Also usually announces new products and innovations their different operating systems.

The appointment, another year, will be virtual, although this 2022 Apple will allow some developers Attend Apple Park in personIts campus in downtown Cupertino, California, to see the keynote address and the new center for developers the company has built on campus.

ipad with windows

WWDC is first and foremost a conference focused on softwareBut new features in the operating system may provide clues that Company’s product strategy.

One bet that seems safe is that Apple will take advantage of the convention to make it Fuller iPad Experience, According to bloombergWhen it comes to changing the window size of different apps on the screen, the company is planning a new interface for simultaneous use of apps on tablets.

The iOS operating system, which gives life to the iPhone, will also have some new features, including a new lock screen. Rumors suggest that the most advanced iPhone will likely have a new feature this year Always on display to show time or notificationsSomething that some Android phones or the Apple Watch already do, but Apple hasn’t integrated into their phones yet.

The company is also set to show off new application designs in both macOS—your computer’s operating system—and iOS

new mac

Apple doesn’t always launch new devices during WWDC, but it looks like it will this year. It is expected by the middle of the year two new products hardware And this may be the event presenting it.

One of them is the expected refurbishment of the MacBook Air, the best-selling laptop of the company, and that it will be the ambassador of the new generation of M2 processors.

Apple officially announced the M1 processor in November 2020, but at the WWDC held in June that year, it had already put forward its intention to bring its own processor based on the ARM architecture to Macs. The transition has gone very well with the first generation of machines that stand out for their high power and low consumption,

In addition to the MacBook Air, Apple may also introduce the first Mac Pro equipped with the company’s processor – it is The only computers in the current catalog that still use Intel processors— or a newer, more powerful Mac Mini model.

virtual reality

The big unknown this year is whether Apple will use the WWDC to telegraph developers (or announce it directly to the general public). Next Steps in Augmented Reality and virtual reality.

It has been known for years that the company operates in some augmented reality glasses, able to superimpose digital elements in the field of vision. According to many analysts, the first generation of these glasses could see the light by the end of this year or early 2023.

But, if Apple finally gets launched in this market, Games and applications need to be ready to be able to download In the new specs and that means it has to put the tools it needs to create good experiences in the hands of its developers.

A few months ago, a company that could have been a subsidiary of Apple registered a trademark RealityOS And the word has even appeared revered in the code of some of their platforms. There’s a good chance that will be the name of the company’s augmented reality platform, which will complement iOS, watchOS, iPad OS, tvOS and macOS and could be formally announced next week.

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