High state oversight assured that it lacked the “elements and materials” required to control 25% of Spanish in classes.


They indicate that they have limited themselves to receiving information about the TSJC order from the Department of Education, despite the fact that the court ordered that this state agency verify compliance with the measure.

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  • education Generalitat recruits teachers in schools to monitor people who use Spanish

“There is a lack of more elements and materials that could allow a further knowledge of the situation.” With this sentence, the Higher State Education Inspectorate concludes its report to the High Court of Catalonia (TSJC) on the application of a decision that obliges the Generalitat to meet a minimum 25% level of Spanish in Catalan classes. The body, which was commissioned by a magistrate to verify compliance with the operative part of a judicial decision when the 15-day period for executing it has expired, believes that its functions are “information and for requests for documentation” are limited to Generalitat. And not to know if Spanish is already implemented in the school in this proportion.

The Director of the Higher Inspection of Education in Catalonia, Josefa Beltran, explained to the TSJC that the Generalitat sent all the necessary documents on compliance with the sentence, which is similar to the TSJC. In addition, it states that “in accordance with the reiterated principle of the Constitutional Court”, the activities of higher oversight are not above mediocrity: “The monitoring power cannot place autonomous communities in a state of hierarchical dependence on the state administration, since such a position not compatible with the principle of autonomy”.

For this reason, the reports of the Higher State Inspection are limited to transmitting the requested documents to the Department of Education and they are “the source of the information used to satisfy that court’s request”, requiring “further elements and information”. are lacking.” material that may allow a further knowledge of the situation and its comparison is provided in the sentence”.

In this way, the TSJC must determine that with the information obtained, the Generalitat can by not applying 25% of Spanish in classes and limiting itself to reporting on compliance with a decree law, which sets criteria for preparation and verification. does. Linguistic projects of each center. This regulation guarantees, according to the government, that “students receive an oral and written command of Catalan and Spanish at the end of compulsory education.”

In addition, the Catalan administration that there is a bill in parliament that supposedly would comply with a court order, despite the fact that institutions are reluctant to favor bilingualism because it does not recognize that Catalan and Spanish, in equal proportions, are vehicles. as the language of the school, as ruled by the Constitutional Court.

The Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB) in Catalonia has reportedly demanded the criminal responsibility of the Minister of Education, Mr. González-Cambre, “to testify from persons before the Civil and Criminal Chamber” of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. Urged to. 25% of schools not obeying the order of Spanish. The institution believes that there are “signs of disobedience and prejudice” in the minister’s actions.

We Speak Spanish and the Catalan Civic Coexistence filed a complaint against Josep González-Cambre for allegedly “disobeying” and not implementing a sentence that requires at least 25% of classes to be taught in Spanish. The TSJC ruled that Judge Maria Eugenia Allegret should analyze the complaint and wait for the prosecutor’s report before deciding whether to accept it for processing. The same will happen with Vox’s complaint against the minister a few days ago, which was filed with the TSJC for disobedience.

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