Higher taxes: The government will move the law this year to collect urban tolls


The Minister of Transport, Raquel Snachez, has confirmed that future sustainable mobility legislation will allow municipalities to charge a fee to access city centres.

Raquel So, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda
Raquel Sanchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, at the presentation of the Global Mobility Call.David FernandezEFE

Government is expected to approve Sustainable Mobility and Transport Financing Law This year, a few months ahead of schedule, as revealed by the Minister for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda this Thursday, Rachel Sanchez, Furthermore, it is confirmed that the law Allow municipalities to collect urban tollsor congestion charges, for polluting vehicles which Drive through low emission areas Which will be mandatory in cities with a population of more than 50,000.

,We intend to take the Bill to the Council of Ministers soon In the second reading, after including the contributions and comments of the rest of the ministries. But in any case, The scenario we have set out during this year is to be able to approve the law, We have time within the commitments of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan”, said the Minister during the presentation of global mobility callInternational Congress on Sustainable Mobility that will take place between 14 and 16 June At the IFEMA Fairgrounds in Madrid.

,We said we would approve it in 2023, so we’re going with the timesAnd our intention will be to approve it during this year”, insisted the head of transport, who also confirmed the possibility that city councils establish rates or tolls for vehicular access in the city centre.In fact, it is likely that the rates are decided by the city councils. To charge for driving in low emission areas (ZBE),” the minister said.

As Raquel Sanchez explained, the Law of Sustainable Mobility considers the application of urban tolls, but “It will be the municipalities that determine whether to implement or activate that rate. For circulation in low emission areas. “It will be the municipalities that will be able to enforce these rates and the law empowers them so that, within the framework of their powers, they can implement them”, said the minister, who recalled that Municipalities with more than 50,000 residents they have to transplant Low Emission Zone no later than 2023, “The rest of the municipalities are likely to do the same. Norms or recommendations to mark, identify and qualify low-emission areas are yet to be defined,” he said.

global mobility call

Minister assured that Madrid would “The Global Epicenter of Sustainable Mobility” In June, on the occasion of the Global Mobility Call (GMC). In his opinion, it would be the Congress “The Greatest Mobility Event” Mark the “before and after” of the world and in the transport sector of urban environment and rural mobility. There will be “essential” issues facing both infrastructure and energy. “Great challenge posed by climate change”Which in turn implies a change of mobility pattern. “This is a historic opportunity to get non-polluting modes of transport”He commented and then said that the Spanish industry should play an important role.

Sanchez praised the great potential of sustainable mobility using data, such as the way autonomous vehicles would overcome a Worldwide investment of 6 billion euros in 2050 or that Spain will provide connectivity, electrification and electric cars a 15% of GDP in 2030,

On his behalf, Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA Madrid, Jose Vicente de los Mojosohighlighted that this is the first European mobility fair that will be attended by private companies and aims to establish Spain as the center of sustainable mobility around the world. “We are ready to lead the mobility ecosystem, we want to generate business and establish Spain as a sustainable mobility hub in the world,” said de los Mozos, who added that King Philip VI Honorary Chair of the Global Mobility Call.

Furthermore, he announced that the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezWill shut down Congress, which will have Raquel Sanchez in attendance, as well as the Minister of Industry, hit the kingsand ecological transition, Theresa RiveraWith 220 speakers and representatives of companies such as Renfe, Ediff, Banco Santander, Renault, Microsoft, Iberdrola, Iberia, Aina, Airbus, Sepsa, Aciona, Repsol or Mapfreamong others.

To put the importance of mobility into context, de los Mozos cites a report by the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (NFAC) that estimates the volume of business in the sector. over 310,000 million euros by 2040Who? between 800 and 1.4 million jobs and focusing 5% of GDP in Spain,

,We are determined to lead the mobility ecosystem, globally Involving debate in essential areas such as transportationThe automosinLassi infrastructureengineering, strategic consulting, logistics, finance, energy, insurance, technology … and so on for all those who participate internationally in projects focused on the new mobility of people and goods”, emphasized de los Mozos Overall they have adhered to the project 26 SponsorsYou 33 national and 12 international regional associationsand the participation of over 7,000 professionals,

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