Hilary Duff: “Technology is robbing us of the human essence and our ability to feel”


A generation’s teen idol with Lizzie McGuire, now Disney+. But stars in ‘How I Met Your Father’

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When Ozette Calor coined the term Mocatraz, he could totally Hilary Duff (Houston, 1987). Because not yet 20 years old, in the early 2000s, she was already all those things: model, singer, and actress. And he had his own novel. And he carried out human works in half the world. And his annual earnings exceeded $ 15 million. And he made lines for his clothes and his perfume. And there were six Barbie models inspired by her. And so we can continue to stretch this calculation to the point of no return, saying that, above all, it was Lizzie McGuire.

Because it was that insecure teenager, halfway between the simplest comedy and the most intense youth drama, that caught Hilary Duff as The puberty symbol of an entire generation when she and her parents were about to give up on their idea of ​​being an actress, Thus was born the umpteenth Disney girl, who had been disappearing from the spotlight for years—without excessive scandals beyond a brush with Lindsay Lohan or some eating disorders—until she became the mother of three children, Who returns to the cameras today.

And it just so happens that he does it in the sequel to another teen hit: how I Met your mother, Because if years ago we searched for Ted Mosby’s harrowing path to find Mom—with the tragic end of his children’s feat, Now it’s up to Sophie, a photographer who doesn’t know her father, looks for love.how i met your fatherWhich premiered on Disney+ this Wednesday, nearly four months after its release in the United States, starring Hilary Duff in the lead.

Being a mother and getting into the plot of the series, how would you explain to your kids what is flirting or flirting at the moment?
I have a nine year old son and I’m afraid he doesn’t have social skills, like he’s losing his essence or human connection, because of all the technology around him. I was just hoping that she would learn to like me, maintain eye contact, and flirt. Because now it’s so easy to hide behind the scenes that we don’t know how to build relationships in person. So this series explores the world of dating apps, but also the fact of meeting in real life and connecting with someone on the road.
Have we lost the ability to relate to new friends because of this reason other than sentimentality?
We’ve totally lost it, just like with flirting and love, because there’s an intimidation and a lot of people hide behind their screens, write what they want and don’t feel like it makes an impact. . This brings us to a deeply disturbing point. I think technology, no matter how good it is at pushing certain things, is robbing us of a huge part of our human essence, we’re losing our ability to connect or feel for each other. Huh.
Hilary Duff and Chris Lovell, and 'C'
Hilary Duff and Chris Lovell in ‘How I Met Your Father’Disney+

From that, as with its predecessor, how i met your fatherfrom A group of friends trying to understand who they are and why in their lives, Eternal search without answers for man throughout history. Two years after the pandemic, it is especially important to remind people that being in a group, communicating, making eye contact, touching each other’s skin and hugging each other are essential to our happiness. Human relation is the most important thing in this lifeAnother protagonist of the sitcom is Chris Lowell, who lives in Ted, Marshall and Lily’s old apartment.

I love this wonderful friendship and it is so good for my soul to see it reflected on the screen that it reconnects me to make new friends. Because I’m watching my friends on TV and I remember continuing to develop human interactionAnother actress of Vietnamese origin who is the main cast completes Tien Tran.

This is another novelty of this spin-off: the racial diversity as the main characters, with actors of Latin, Indian and Vietnamese origins, compared to the gang of white boys and girls from the original. our series. much more diverse than how I Met your mother, Now, more than ever, you need to show off to your circle of friends who look trendy And be a short getaway for many, says Hilary Duff

Is it still necessary to force ourselves to uncover that diversity?
I can’t believe there are still arguments and complaints about this. There were six blondes in the original series, but that’s not the real way of our world and it never will be again. This is not a temporary thing, it is an overdue thought. I’m excited for a second season to delve even more into diversity and new sexuality. It’s great that our creators know the importance of showing what the world is like today.

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