Ho Chi Minh’s last bodyguard dies in Vietnam


Barely 20 years old, Ta Quang Chien was selected to be part of the special team of bodyguards of the Vietnamese hero of independence.

File photo of Deng Xiaoping and Ho Chi Minh (right) in May 1965.
File photo of Deng Xiaoping and Ho Chi Minh (right) in May 1965.AP

Ho Chi Minh’s last surviving bodyguard, Vietnamese hero of independence, Ta Quang Chien, has died. At the age of 98 in Hanoi, Local media reported this on Monday.

According to the VnExpress portal, Chien, born in 1925 in the central province of Vietnam, died on Saturday at his home in Hanoi.

The Vietnamese began participating in revolutionary movements in French colonial Vietnam at the age of 18, and in 1945, when he was barely twenty years old, Was selected to be part of Ho Chi Minh’s exclusive bodyguard teamwho declared the independence of Vietnam in September of the same year.

Chien, whose Birth name was Nguyen Hua Vanu But the one who was named Ho Chi Minh was part of the Praetorian Guard of eight loyal bodyguards of the Vietnamese hero of independence when he and his government He took refuge in the mountains of the north of the country during the Indochina War against the French settlers.

He held this position for 12 years before serving in other roles in the communist administration during the North Vietnamese–South Vietnamese War and after the conflict that ended in 1975.

Ho Chi Minh (1890–1969), Vietnam’s most important revolutionary leader, was the first President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) from 1951 until his death, and is still respected by most of the Vietnamese population today.

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