Hollande criticized the leftist coalition in France as lacking “credibility and balance”.


The former socialist president acknowledged that the Milchón-led union is “desirable”, but charges against the low weight given to his party in the coalition.

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  • France Agreement between the French Socialist Party and the far-left party of Malenchon

former French socialist president francois holland criticized the Left coalition on Monday Jean-Luc MlenchonIn which his party has agreed to join, like ecologists and communists, because its program is not credible and is unbalanced in favor of the most radical.

“I am not against the Union, I am against an agreement that, as it is done, (…) does not even allow victory and that is also going to permanently unbalance the left,” he told Station France. Said in an interview with. Difference.

Hollande said in any case that he was not going to leave the Socialist Party (PS) as his prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, because of his disagreement with the so-called New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUES). Weeks were passed for presenting general candidatures for the Legislative Assembly elections on 12 and 19 June.

“I will be a socialist until the end of my existence,” he said. However, he pointed out that he has not decided to present his candidacy in these legislative elections, although NUES has already announced that there will be a candidate from La Francia Insumisa (LFI) in his constituency in the Corz department. ), Mlenchon’s party.

This means that if Hollande were to appear there, he would be a disgruntled candidate and the rule that the PS leadership has established is that it leads to expulsion.

Who was the French president between 2012 and 2017 considered that a union of leftists is “desirable” to have the largest possible number of deputies and this is what voters want. But it has to be “electorally balanced and reliable”, something which in his opinion does not happen with NUES.

entry fee for little weight given in the combine P.S., as there will be only 70 candidates out of 577 who will agree to the deputy seats that are at stake. The distribution of candidates is, to a large extent, related to the results of the presidential election, in which Mlenchon received about 22% of the vote and the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo, Only 1.7%.

But above all, Hollande criticized several points of the general program, and in particular proposing to “disobey” European treaties or rules Rebut your views.

For them, this is incompatible with the functioning of the European Union: “negotiate with them again, why not, but disobey them…”.

In addition, I question whether all the election promises of the Left Alliance can be financed, such as lowering the minimum retirement age from 62 to 60, raising the minimum wage from 1,300 to 1,400 euros, 400,000 additional jobs in the public. to give birth. Blocking area or basic necessities prices.

One of the main problems pointed out by the former president is the weakness of the PS and that in order to come to power, the Left must “offer a serious policy.”

“When the Reformist Left is stronger than the Radical Left, it allows the entire Left to come to power. And when the Radical Left is stronger, that is what is happening now, and does not even attempt to compromise for power. That’s the problem we have now.”

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