Home buying dampened its enthusiasm despite growing 11.9% in April and registering 47,349 operations


Balance for April shows a decrease of 20.1%, compared to 59,272 transactions in March

Promotion of houses under construction in Madrid.EM

Home sales are on the rise but aggression, inflation and economic uncertainty in Ukraine have begun to dampen enthusiasm. The month of April ended with a total 47,349 Operations ClosedWhich is 11.9% higher than the corresponding month of 2021, however, this figure hampers the meteoric growth that the market was registering since the beginning of the year.

As compared to 59,272 transactions in March, the balance in April represents a 20.1% decrease, It is the fourth best month since 2008, according to data published this Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Home sales increased by 23.1% in the first four months of the year, 26.3% in the case of old homes and 11.5% in new homes.

“While year-on-year growth has been double digits, the series reflects the impact of inflation and the invasion of Ukraine as it represents the smallest increase in operating volume since early 2021, when the market began to recover. After the pandemic, this steady trend will probably continue over the next few months, without discarding small droplets Increased cost of financing, economic uncertainty, high inflation and a . sales volume due to store housing in the market that is shrinking,” says francisco errataIdealistic Spokesperson.

From Fotocasa they like to focus on the dynamism that is still perceived in the market. “In April, 47,349 operations were closed, a figure that indicates that the market remains very strong and active. We can already confirm that the start of the war directly affected interest in housing search and purchases. Has not done, at least the national details, continue unabated. Its effect is probably indirect. from inflation, And these dynamic figures are in line with the boom in the search for housing, to try to overcome imminent rate hike announced by the ECB,” says Mara Matos, director of the study and spokesperson for the firm.

The year-on-year increase in home sales in April is due to growth in new home operations, which rose 3.4% to 8,788 operations, the lowest figure since April 2021, as well as sales of used flats. have increased. Up 14%, to add 38,561 transactions, the lowest figure since December 2021.

Of the homes transferred by sale in the fourth month of the year, 92.4% were free homes and 7.6% were protected.


by communities, in absolute values, Andaluca was the sector that did the most operations on housing with 9,984 sales during the fourth month of the year, followed by Catalonia (8.018), Valencian Community (6.383) y madrid (6.271).

Thirteen communities sold more homes in April than in the same month of 2021. Biggest year-on-year increase Balearic (+33.3%), Canarias (+31%), Castilla y León (+19.9%) and Asturias (+19.4%), while the most moderates correspond to the Basque Country (+0.6%). ), Murcia (+0.9 %), Navarra (+6.1%) and Galicia (+7%), are the only regions with single-digit growth.

In contrast, home sales fell in April in La Rioja (-9.9%), Madrid (-2.7%), Extremadura (-2.4%) and Cantabria (-0.8%).

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