Hope for people with sleep apnea: a device from Madrid’s Clinical Hospital could cure it


In 88% of cases, a “significant” reduction in snoring is experienced.

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Treatment at the Clinical Hospital of Madrid.EM
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if you are suffering sleep apnea Or you live with someone who suffers from this respiratory disorder related to night rest, you will definitely be interested to continue reading this news. The San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid has begun using a new device that improves patients’ quality of life and could eventually cure a chronic disease.

It is a portable device smaller than a mobile phone that detects the moment in which the normal process of air inspiration stops and corrects it in real time by applying electromagnetic stimuli invisible to the person receiving it. “In this way it is possible to open up and dilate the upper airway, thereby preventing obstruction of breathing during the night and breathe normally”They explain in the Minister of Health.

The device tested within the framework of a clinical trial with 22 patients allowed that in 88% of cases a “Noticeable” reduction in snoring After a training period of three weekly sessions of 20 minutes each for a month and a half. All participants experienced a subjective improvement in both duration and quality of night rest.

With this treatment, as detailed in Health, “not only is muscle relaxation avoided and, as a result, airway obstruction during sleep, but also the effects of continuous daytime work to strengthen and increase oropharyngeal muscle tone.” is also obtained.” , since the vibrations of electromagnetic waves change muscle morphology involved in apnea”, as observed in the study.

“If this change is consolidated, it may be treated as” a possible cure of this disease, “without the need to resort to any equipment,” explains the chief of the pneumology section of San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Myriam Calle. At the very least, it already represents “a significant advance in improving quality of life.” Among those who suffer from a disorder that affects 4% of women and 6% of adult men, its prevalence increases with age.

According to the study’s pulmonologist and lead researcher Juan Luis Rodríguez Hermosa, “Many of these patients need to be attached to a type of mask or device with continuous positive pressure in the airway while they sleep, which they also have to wear while traveling. is, unless many patients skip this therapy because of the inconvenience it presents”.

Sleep apnea is the most common sleep disorder at night and is characterized by repeated interruptions of breathing during sleep, usually ranging from between 10 and 60 seconds of duration, but that could be longer. Among other cognitive or behavioral problems, the most common symptoms are snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness.

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