Hoteliers in Las Vistillas were angry at not being able to take out their bars across the street: “This afternoon I thought, I’ll stop and that’s it”.


This year they are fined if they sell or their customers take their drinks out of plastic cups.

Hoteliers in Las Vistillas, angry at not being able to pull out their bars across the street: "This afternoon I thought, I'll turn it off and it's done

Beatriz Villacorta was left without a voice on Saturday at the legendary Pandora Bar, where all the songs About Me Speak were filmed. You can’t have a drink How do you not know? I told you when you entered. she is the bar manager And it’s all brown.

She argues with each other, screaming so they can hear her because she literally has no voice: they’re going to kill me and I understand them. Those who visit San Isidro know that they are always able to get a drink from the bar. for 25 years Hoteliers have put up bars on the street where they could sell alcohol directly. till this year.

The ordinance establishes that liquor cannot be sold on the street if it is not a fair ground and Vistillas don’t have that limit, Last Thursday they reached an agreement with the councilor of the Central District, Jose Fernandez Sanchez. But it was an unsaid compromise.

We understood that we could sell on the street. On Thursday morning a policeman told us yes, and on Friday as we opened, several agents on motorcycles came up to us and told us that If we sell abroad they will fine us,

Bar owner Sergio Molina told that next door to Pandora is Dry Madrid. He has a voice, but feels the same as B. Suppose these parties, he disappointed. assures 70% of the luck of the bars, The shop blinds had already been taken off at 12 o’clock on Saturday night. And Beatriz thought about it: I’m sick. Bad for the loss and this afternoon I thought ‘I’ll shut it down and that’s it’. But it will have to lose more.

I used to thaw them in a day, and yesterday I had to return half the barrels I ordered. Pandora’s manager says it’s overwhelmed because a guy next to her blames her for not being able to drink. I have never entered a bar in San Isidro to drink. we are crazy? It doesn’t make sense, complains one of Pandora’s customers.

It’s San Isidro and that’s what you drink. Police cordon the streets of Vistillas so that no one passes by with an alcoholic drink. Although there are alcohol consuming groups. Oscar Lucas, president of the Latin American Entrepreneurs Association, complained this year about the city council’s lack of foresight and confirmed that people were then food market kid Or from the supermarket, but they also do it on the street.

At 11:30, while the owner of Dry Madrid decided to ease his blind, the Plaza de los Caros was packed with dozens of people. bottle making,

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