How artificial intelligence detects shoplifting


The company Veesion has developed a software that detects theft after analyzing people’s gestures and movements.

A supermarket security camera.Veesion
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French company Veesion has managed to create artificial intelligence detect theft that are produced in stores. Your Country Manager in Spain, Paul WhiteIt ensures that “with a reliability of 100%”.

This system works with security cameras What’s in the Establishments? “It’s a little box that connects to the store’s internet router and the router is connected to security cameras Identify theft in real time“Seela.

To do this, a. use Algorithm which “analyzes customer gestures and movements, in addition to different body parts of people,” explains Blanco.

The establishments which have the highest demand for this software are supermarketMainly big chains, “we already have 200 all over Spain”.

But there are more customers with this system theft detection such as jewelry, cosmetic and electronics stores, “because of their products are small And it’s easy for them to be stolen,” says Pablo Blanco.

It also looks at more factors that indicate theft. “If you catch someone shelf products and puts it in his pocket, the security system orders a warningEither for store apps or mobile apps”, he clarifies from Veesion.

novel algorithm

is a series of patterns Which make it more suspicious, like looking at security cameras, something that doesn’t get reported but the system’s algorithms make it more alert.

Another questionable feature is “Pick up multiple objects very fast“. It also notifies that if consume the product Inside the store and if the item “An alert is attached and being removed”.

An important aspect of this software is that it respects data security Because, “it doesn’t identify the person, it doesn’t recognize the face”, highlights Blanco.

“This device has a more impact When it’s implemented recently, because thieves don’t know it and go to the store”, he explains.

From Vessian he emphasizes that “the gestures and movements that this Algorithm already found out, they also work for security systems casinoEven for those in the subway if there is violent action like fighting.”

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