How much time does Boris Johnson have left?

Once the motion of condemnation is overcome, the British ‘Premier’ enters a time of remission: “this is the beginning of the end of his mandate”.

Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street after being appointed prime minister.
Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street after being appointed prime minister.TEXT AKMENAFP


  • political crisis The Line of Succession of the ‘Tories’

British analyst agrees there may be an internal censure motion against Boris Johnson “the beginning of the end of his term”Despite winning by a margin of 211 to 148 votes. Consistent with other commentators on the conservative newspaper, Matthew Parris warned in ‘The Times’, “Boris is a walking dead man and may not live long.”

Johnson is facing the political equivalent of towing down the M1 motorway with two flat tyres. William Hague, the voice of the party experience. “What’s going to happen from now on? I think Boris will proceed as if nothing had happened, but he faces a major problem: over 40% of his delegates have voted against him, and this Has happened without organization or conspiracy. It will be very difficult to remain as a leader for long.

“I would be surprised if Johnson was still prime minister in the fall,” the Liverpool University professor frankly concludes in ‘The Guardian’. John Tonge, considered the “magician” of political science, predicted the outcome of Monday’s voting with almost perfect accuracy. “I’ll put a six-month figure on the table,” insists Tong. “Though in the end it all depends on how sternly he defends himself. We are facing the biggest escapist in politics. But the difficulty this time is the committee to investigate him in the House of Commons.” He has to determine whether he has misled Parliament. And that might be his last point.”

“Premier” effectively faces third investigation -Senior Officer Sue Gray and people followed by police- to determine whether he had lied when he told the House of Commons on at least eight occasions that Downing Street did not violate COVID rules it was done.

The 126 fines imposed by police—one of which Johnson was sanctioned for his birthday party, with the equivalent of 118 euros—have called into question the statements of “Premier”, alleging that he always believed that 15 ceremonies were screened “Work Events”,

Although Johnson temporarily manages to weather the storm created by the censorship proposal, a parliamentary inquiry could build up. unbearable pressure He “premiered” and put his post on the line ahead of the Conservative Party’s national convention in Birmingham in early October.

partygate results

After being in power for 1,048 days, Johnson faced humiliation on Monday, similar to those Margaret Thatcher in 1990 and Theresa May in 2018, was forced to resign after being heavily damaged politically by the motions of condemnation. With 59% of his deputies backed, compared to 41% who voted against, the big question is how long the “Premier” in Downing Street will be able to withstand the growing siege of the rebel Tories.

Various factions of the party (Scottish MPs, former supporters of the Red Wall, remaining in the European Union) allied themselves to distance themselves. 100 rebels Out of a total of 359, the waterline of the “Premier” is believed by analysts to have completely come out of the mausoleum.

Johnson urged his ministers on Monday to “draw a line” under partygate, put the scandal behind them and “focus on the issues that really matter to the people of this country”. In his first council of ministers since the censure motion, the conservative leader thanked the support of his cabinet, which closed ranks at the crucial moment.

Johnson assured Monday’s vote was “very important” because in his opinion it would serve to “leave behind the issues our adversaries are broadcasting and do what we can to help the country move forward.” Will focus exclusively on that.” “That’s what we’re going to do,” stressed the conservative leader, who will make a cascade of political announcements in the coming days and even on the prospect of a mini-crisis to restart his government. are considering.

change in rules

Technically, “Tory” representatives cannot invoke a new motion of condemnation for another year. However, several rebel lawmakers have indicated their intention to “change the rules” so that a new vote can be cast without waiting. “Grace Time”,

So swords are still high, despite efforts by Justice Chief Dominic Raab to ask his co-religionists for a result of a vote of 211 to 148, describing himself as “a decisive victory”. “If we look at our agenda, there are many things that unite us, and that’s what the Conservative Party has always been doing,” said Raab, who highlighted the various situations between Johnson and May: “In 2019 we saw the most won sweeping victory over 40 years when we had a ‘hung’ parliament with Theresa May”.

Raab served as Johnson’s squire upon his return to the political arena after Monday’s shock. “Premier” also leaned on relaunching a “great agenda of change” in the United Kingdom, following Partygate’s dual influence, on his longtime ally of the Brexit campaign, Michael Gove. runaway inflation 9%,

Johnson stressed the need for government, department by department, to “cut costs”, and ensure that “money is spent and invested prudently.” The “Premier” warned that it is the same dilemma facing companies and families amidst the cost of living crisis, which worries the British most today.

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