How much will be saved by reducing the speed on the highway from 120 to 110 km/h?


There is no consensus on the amount of a new reduction in the speed limit.

How much will be saved by reducing the speed on the highway from 120 to 110 km/h?
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energy crisis We Live brings us closer to the possibility of lowering the maximum speed limit on the motorway once again from 120 to 110 km / h, among other solutions, because, according to some experts, significant savings are achieved in oil-derived fuels. but… Would this really be an efficient solution?

This is a solution that was implemented with 1973 oil crisis And most recently in the last segment of the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Speed ​​Limit came into force on March 7, 2011 and was rejected on June 30, After those barely four months, the figures from the interior were presented. 450 million Euros saved (they will be 1.3 billion annually), although years later, the general director of traffic then (and now), Peter Navarroconfirmed that the exact economic impact of the measure was not disclosed and regretted that it lasted so short. “It was a missed opportunity”He summarized after years in terms of road safety.

The purpose of the Royal Decree issued by the government was Reduce fuel consumption by between 11% for diesel and 15% for gasoline, Other studies cut the savings to 8%. The fact is that then the barrel was bought for 120 euros and in Spain the consumer paid about 1.27 euros per liter. Now we are on the 2 euro limit.

The DGT congratulated itself because, despite almost generalized protests (from the entire opposition and even from Fernando Alonso), the population had followed the rules And beyond the low consumption and polluting agents, this translates into a relief for the statistics of serious accidents on the road.

Petrol consumption decreased by 8% and diesel consumption in those four months, which is 450 million euros which is said to be –without credible evidence– which was then saved. As calculated by the RACC Car Club, these savings would have been between 200 or 300 million,

accounts that balance international energy agency (IEA) are very optimistic about reducing fossil fuel consumption and reducing countries’ bills. between other actionsThis agency created by OECD is proposed to promote Public transportation and shared car, transmittingControl the temperature inside buildings, or adjust workstation hours to consume less energy.

According to the IEA, reducing the maximum speed on roads from 120 km/h to 110 km/h would mean a Saving 430,000 barrels of oil per day, about 157 million barrels in industrialized countries and 17,000 million euros in savings.

Transferring these figures to Spanish consumption, we will talk 2.3 billion less every year,

Reducing or increasing the speed margin on the road is a longstanding dispute that goes well beyond Spain. for example, Studying in Germany whether speed limiting is advisable on motorway sections where there is no limit, Drivers’ unions with high-end car manufacturers are opposed. and chancellor Olaf Scholtz Won the election by including in its program the desire to limit the speed to 130 in those areas of speedway as part of its ecological measures.

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