How to get to Madrid Nuevo Norte: an underpass for cars from Plaza Castilla and a driverless metro in 2029


For this new development the city council has drawn up a link to the Nudo Norte works, which will be completed at the end of the year.

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The figure of the future of the city of Madrid, still in the distance madrid new north, the capital’s great real estate operation. And that is why its northernmost region is beginning to prepare for one of the fundamental developments in the understanding of urban planning in the next decade. 10,500 homes and over one million square meters for offices Chamartan will be built outside the station.

Both the community and the Madrid City Council have already started planning a project which received final approval in May 2020. Yesterday, the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, gave details of the proposed metro plan for the area, which will host the first automatic line. Without train drivers and that would not finally arrive until 2029, while the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, visited Nudo Norte works, one of the points of the biggest traffic congestion in the capital, which will certainly be in the last quarter. will complete his work. of this year.

According to sources in the environment and mobility sector, within this project, Consistory has already planned an underground link that will connect Madrid Nuevo Norte to Plaza de Castilla in the future, That link has already been prepared when it is required to be executed as part of the works on the second section of the Manoteras knot that was opened for traffic by the Corporation last night.

It anticipated the opening of the first underground passage of the three that would replace the current braided streets and that A-1 -Allow direct vehicular connection between Paseo de la Castellana and M-30 in the direction of Burgos road- and M-11 -access to the airport and fairgrounds-, In addition, as Almeida detailed yesterday, from May 27 those who wish to go on the M-30 by surface will also be able to do so without crossing lanes and thus improving the high traffic density in the area.

Thus, only two more accesses will be left to be executed for the second half of the year. The first for vehicles that connect to the M-11 and the second for those traveling from Paseo de la Castellana to the M-607 – Columnar Highway – which will reduce traffic jams to this point, which receives over 270,000 vehicles per day.

This is an extraordinarily important project for the city of Madrid, started by Alameda during his visit yesterday before recalling it The city council has invested 42 million euros in these works. Because it is a very complex operation. However, the councilor remarked that the construction company, the FCC, would meet the set deadline. This would allow the more than 270,000 vehicles that pass through Nudo Norte daily to do so in better safety conditions and significantly reduce emissions, the councilor concluded.

Around the same time, Ayuso signed the Agreement for the Expansion of Public Transportation towards New Urban Development, which Driverless trains to have first autonomous system from 2029, from the planned start almost a year later. This metro layout, which will have three new stops and be no more than 10 minutes from any housing area, was planned for late 2027 or early 2028. According to the community of Madrid, this delay is due to issues with the bidding. and rewards for works.

During the signing of the agreement with lvaro Aresti, President of the Castellana Norte district, Ayuso also slipped that the rise in electricity price is sinking underground, but without directly linking it to the work delay. He said that this year we have increased the budget for public transport by 20%, while the contribution of the state has remained practically stagnant since 2016.

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s three stations—Business Center, Fuencaral Sur and Fuencaral Norte—will be one kilometer from each other and There will be a potential demand of 40,000 daily commuters, The start of drafting of the projects is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 and is estimated to cost EUR 290 million, of which 141 million will be contributed by private developers.

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