How to lose 3 kgs in a healthy way without sweating suits or dangerous diets

  • slim down Donkey diet and sauna suit, this is how Kim Kardashian lost 7 kg in 21 days

The temptation is very strong. Yes Kim Kardashian was able to lose seven kilos in three weeks (almost) get stuffed—butt didn’t fit—in that iconic dress with which Marilyn Monroe sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK, why don’t we try to take off ‘what’s left’ to show this great model The one we bought for a wedding or a banquet, following ‘your way’?

Well, because it’s not good. “Each person is a world and we cannot put everyone in the same bag. But, as a general rule” This is not right. Just as it takes time for the body to gain weight, it takes time to lose weight and avoid “rebound” effects, says Marina Domene, nutritionist at SHA Wellness Clinic.

To which SHA’s trainer, Paco Payan, says that “the only thing that can be achieved with this kind of quick weight loss is stretch marks.” together we become dog bait of dreaded rebound effect: “keep like this Such restrictive diets and demanding exercise It is not sustainable over time. So, as soon as you go back to a normal way of eating or exercising, we’re going to get fat again.”

In his opinion, in three weeks, we can achieve “healthy weight loss of about seven poundsSo much”.

So, being smart, what do we have to do to lose a few kilos? Domaine explains: “First of all, we need do for our health And not because of fashion or because we are going to an event.”

Therefore, the main objective would beadopt a healthy lifestyle, which means eating a varied, healthy diet; And of course, don’t cut out healthy foods like whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.”

Rest and physical activity are both fundamental: “You don’t have to “wrap” yourself in those famous people. sauna suit they only do that dehydrate yourself, Sweating is a self-regulatory mechanism of the body to maintain a correct basal temperature, but Sweating Doesn’t Help You Lose Fat,

It also reminds us thatIf we only do cardiovascular exercise we can compromise the quality and quantity of our muscles and this is one negative effect on our basal metabolism, Higher risk of infection due to weakened immune system, higher risk of injury or fracture, etc.

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And what do we do if we are involved in sports? What are the simplest physical activities that can help us lose weight? Alyssa Riveres, personal trainer (COPLEF Madrid’s Collegiate Number 63,829), gives us some clues: “When it comes to losing weight the right way, the ones that help us the most are those who, right from the start, allow us to follow the training,

In general, he says, “these routines are designed with simple exercises Where we work out the whole body in different sessions a week”.

Furthermore, he continues, “It’s important Involve large muscle groups in every workout You Prevent sessions from getting too long, thus improving both its quality and its intensity. In this way we can increase the days of training and We will generate more motivation and desire For the next session, avoid overload. Once the habit is acquired, “it’s very easy to add more complex exercises and increase the weight, volume and intensity within yourself. Each plan to achieve more specific goals,

Why is it so important to combine cardio and strength? “Many studies support The need and benefit of combining cardiovascular work and strength training Compared to other strategies, individualized context and even, imposed according to a variety of populations and pathologies. As a result, it has been observed improves body composition, improving muscle mass, strength and, of course, functionality. simultaneously, reduces belly fatly enhances cardiorespiratory fitness.”

But, in order to do homework well, Rivers clarifies that, although diet is more important, both are needed, if possible, than physical exercise. “I like to emphasize that Diet alone we will not be able to do this in an optimal and healthy way, It is essential to combine daily and planned physical exercise to achieve desirable health values.”

At the same time, the goal should not only be to achieve the standard of beauty, but also to ensure our health. “It is very important not only to pay attention to the nutrients (not calories!) that we eat, but also to incorporate physical exercise in appropriate doses, not with the sole purpose of achieving a physical image, but with clear intentions. from Maintaining and developing an efficient, functional and healthy musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system, The lack of muscle mass due to thinness can, over the years, be more or more dangerous than obesity. That said, with diet we can achieve the weight we’re looking for soon, but with exercise we’ll be adding the necessary components to optimize the process.”

As far as the drinks and foods that are missing from our diet are concerned, he reminds us that “is the best drinkdefinitely, Water And even more so if we want to lose weight, because Soft drinks and alcohol contain large amounts of sugar and provide empty calories.And, in terms of food, it is already known that “ultra-processed foods are the worst enemy, but we cannot ignore other foods that are considered healthy, but cannot be when consumed exceed daily energy expenditure”, he concludes.

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