How to promote a cause on social media

“I want my cause to be viral!”. This is what everybody fighting for their own cause wants. Unfortunately, social media, even if it’s a powerful tool, is full of causes waiting for followers/ Tapping into such a huge market with plenty of competition is no easy task, but luckily, not impossible either.

The online world is full of people searching for attention and if you want to stand out of the crowd you will need a good plan and a bit of effort.

It’s not all about money and you don’t have to win the jackpot at Casoola Casino India to afford to promote a cause on social media. You can actually achieve everything without investing a single penny.

To help you out, we have prepared a couple of tips and tricks that you’ll find in the article below. Read them and learn more about how a cause can go from 0 to viral in no time!

Create a Plan

Always start with a plan and follow it. Analyze everything from your targeted audience up to the tiniest detail like how the whole cause will evolve. Social media is quite volatile and if you expect to have good results you need to be consistent. You can’t simply throw a hashtag here, a picture there and expect that your cause will reach hundreds of thousands of followers by itself.

The amount of work and careful planning you will put into promoting your cause will eventually translate into more people hearing your voice.

Tap into Your Networks

When you are just starting out, you have to realise that nobody knows anything about you, your cause or what you are fighting for. Reaching out to your close connections, family and friends and getting them involved is the first step. They will help you spread the word faster, create and promote hashtags or even get actively involved and help you out.

Use Hashtags

When done right, hashtags can be a powerful tool. They can spread like wildfire on multiple social media platforms and connect everything to your posts.

Lately, since hashtags became such a huge trend, their effectiveness has dropped, however, if you manage to come up with something unique, catchy and interesting you can still hit the jackpot.

Since hashtags work after the word-of-mouth rule, there is no money involved and this can be the perfect way to get more attention, especially if you are on a tighter budget.

Making sure that your hashtag can’t be misread is very important as there are a lot of examples out there of hashtag fails. You don’t want to be remembered for a failed hashtag.

Be Transparent

Unfortunately, a lot of people abuse people’s empathy and the online market for selfish purposes and even nowadays there are plenty of bad actors on the market using various viral causes for their own personal gain. Luckily, most users learned to see through most of the veils and carefully chose causes that are true and really worth it.

Always be transparent about both your goals and the means of getting there. At the first sign of dishonesty, you can lose a lot of the influence gained and if followers feel somehow scammed, it can all backfire. A cause that’s not transparently marketed or badly managed can soon turn into a lost one.

Make sure that you have done your homework about the legal and moral implications and never make claims that you can’t back up with evidence or promise your followers more than you can offer.

Follow Social Media Trends

As you noticed above, social media is a powerful tool and lately video content seems to hit just the hot spot. By the latest analysis, video marketing is used by over 92% of marketers in 2021 compared to only 75% in 2015. Among viewers, more than 50% watch various content on mobile devices and over 70% share it further. On average a person is spending around 100 minutes a day watching various videos.

Having this information is very powerful because here is where you redirect your attention. Catchy video content will most likely go viral or better said, it has more chances that will go viral compared to text or images.

Forget about the misconception that video making and video marketing needs to be expensive. You can create viral content with just your phone and platforms like YouTube or TikTok are the perfect example of successful, viral content created by amateurs with just a smartphone or a webcam.

Final Words

When you see the cause starting to grow or you get your first results in, the tendency will be to stop or take it slower. Don’t make that mistake! You need to stay focused because your work is not done yet. Actually, once your cause is starting to become viral is when the most important step comes in.

You need to interact with people, especially now when more influential entities start to appear, communicate with the press and keep your followers updated on every step.


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