How to protect your hair from the sun this summer: what to do before the holidays?

Ready Steady Go! who thinks that Hair No need to tune-up before summer makes a tremendous mistake. It should not be forgotten that one of the current trends, ‘Skinification’, Instructs that hair care should be taken As much dedication as the skin. For this reason, during the holidays, especially at the beach, in addition to showing off the summer hairstyle, it should be daily protected from sunlight, wind, salt and chlorine, all agents that dehydrate and create the colors change unwanted color.

But there is much more to do already. according to the barber Rachel Saez, of Sail Blue by Raquel Saizo (Torrelavega, Cantabria), the hair fiber should be reinforced with moisturizing treatment anticipated and revive the color With the most suitable colors and highlights.

Prepare your hair for summer: the right cut and color

Leaving the hairstyle to chance is not an option. to avoid as much as possible heat equipment (Your hair is already about to be infested with other outside invaders), ‘wash and go’ cuts are your thing. These include working in layers, which then quantity Where it’s needed, those are the ones recommended by Raquel Saez.

As for the color,It doesn’t hurt to ‘refresh’ to facilitate maintenance and achieve a natural look; For this, balayage highlights or reflections of babylights, which subtly light And the ones that don’t have to touch the roots are the most recommended”, explains Barber.

For protect color From hair to sun, there’s nothing quite like always having a leave-in spray on hand that protects and enhances color, other than to ‘back it up’ Everlasting Colors, D. Kevin Murphy (33 euros).

Protect your hair with a deep clean this summer

The first step to getting your hair ready for summer to cleanse and hydrate, Just like you do with the skin. this is what cures ‘Hair Ritual by Sisley’, which begins with a purification pre-wash, which removes Pollution persists.

Now ready for hydration, followed by a personal shampoo and deeply nourished with a regenerative mask (150 euros including hairstyle) Next, peck o tacha, in Madrid).

At home, maintaining this ultra-hygienic involves using a purifying pre-wash mask, like Sisley, Which leaves the hair clean and ready for subsequent hydration (78.50 euros).

Protect hair from the sun: beware of blondes in summer

Chlorine, salt and sun Prepare a Molotov Cocktail for dyed hair, But especially for blondes. The first two adhere to the hair, which is wet, unprotected from the effects of the sun, and porous for colours.

“The result is a dry and loose fiber There is a risk of getting worse and changing color with each sun session,” says paint castro, of Vanitas Espa (Barcelona).

Protocols are recommended for them ‘Hair Top Coat’, that which glows, nourishes and provides keep blonde thanks for one protective varnish which is obtained from the balsam of coconut oil, hyaluronic acid and caviar extract. Its effect lasts for four weeks (59.90 euros).

As a product to be on hand all summer long, the mask Illuminating Mask Silver Pearl, De Balmain Hair Couture, which retains the whites (54 euros).

how to fight frizz in summer

The humidity of coastal areas makes the effect of frizz an unwanted summer classic. That’s why these past weeks of long-lasting straighteners have been a candy.

Even then, If you don’t want to modify the structure But if you want to avoid frizz, the proper treatment would be silk keratin from the hairdresser Check (Madrid). They use silk proteins instead of formalin and derivatives (which break down the fiber instead of treating it), so that hair is softer, stronger, and shinier without the need to style it with heat tools. Results last up to six months (from 300 euros).

If we talk about a product to keep the frizz away, we bet Ampoules Rescue from Pantene, Which acts like a mask, but in a minute (4.99 euros, pack of three).

Model AINHOA LARRETXI (Uno Models) is wearing a bikini in the initial image of this report, Bohodot. Director: Natalia Bengochia. Makeup and hair: Yos bout (cool) for Nars and Goldwell. Photo assistant: Rafael Benito. Production Assistant: Alejandra González Lameiro. Credits: HOTEL ARTIEM CAPRI ( and CONSELL INSULAR DE MENORCA (

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