How to save in the middle of a heat wave and with the lights on? Air Conditioning Tips and Tricks


How much electricity will an air conditioner use andHow much will this affect bills in a heat wave? Some small changes manage to reduce the consumption and therefore the expense of the air conditioner

hello summer
Dozens of air conditioners in Madrid buildings.Xavi Martinez
  • forecast The heat wave will continue till Saturday and the temperature will be 7 to 12 degrees above normal.

in whole hello summerWith temperatures exceeding 40º in most of Spain and skyrocketing electricity prices, if there’s one thing that worries consumers, it’s how. Calm down without leaving your pocket empty, How much electricity will an appliance use? Air Conditioning Youhow much will it affect invoice, Although there are tricks to cool without using electrical appliances, the truth is that with such high temperatures, air conditioning becomes a lifesaver, but it is also a huge expense that not all households can afford.

The good news is that a few small changes manage to reduce air conditioner consumption, as stated in Organization of consumers and users (OCU). “The consumption of an electrical appliance is calculated on the basis of its power. In the case of Air ConditioningIt should be clarified that input electrical powerThat is, the electricity required to make it work. In these devices, they also talk about themselves Thermal power, that is, its ability to cool or heat. Both the powers are related and this should be taken into account for estimating consumption,” explains OCU.

but What is it, how is it measured and what is the cost of electric power? Input electrical power is the amount of electricity required to keep the appliance running continuously for one hour., This will be indicated by its number in watts (W) on the device’s technical sheet, although household appliances are usually taken between 500 W of power when they operate at minimum and 1,500 W if they are at maximum,

Since electricity bills express consumption in kilowatts per hour (kWh), the electricity must be divided by 1,000. So, the consumption of Air Conditioning It will oscillate between a minimum of 0.5 kWh and a maximum of 1.5 kWh over the course of an hour.

How much does it cost to cool a room?

And now the biggest question that haunts these hot days is: How much does it cost to cool a room? “Energy consumption for cooling or heating the room depends on many factors“, assures the OCU. electric power It tells how much your device costs if you run it for a full hour. However, as the organization states, air conditioner they don’t work like that but they carry Thermostat which turns the power on, off or down to maintain the programmed temperature.

To know the energy consumption of a house, you can make a average Dividing the sum of the minimum and maximum powers by 2. “In this way, it will be ascertained how much the air conditioning of a given home consumes on average for each hour,” adds OCU. in case of device 500 and 1,500 W. power betweenThat average would be 0.5 kWh plus 1.5 kWh, which equals 2 kWh, which when divided by 2 gives the result 1 kW Energy consumption for each hour the device is turned on.

How much money does an hour of air conditioning cost?

and more importantly, how much would that kWh cost, Considering that electricity prices are variable and vary continuously depending on each household’s tariff and prices set each day, it is difficult to accurately calculate the monetary cost of relieving oneself of the heat. Air Conditioning, However, considering the high prices received in the recent past, OCU calculates an approximate Assuming that each kWh costs 0.30 Euro,

In other words, an hour of operation of the air conditioner will cost 0.30 euros. So, a month will cost 36 euros If it is turned on for 4 hours a day. You one weekAs Spain is experiencing summer, the price a consumer will pay for four hours a day in the air at 0.30 Euro per hour will be €8.40 per week,

Of course, this calculation is not accurate because depends on many forms Such as the type of equipment, its efficiency, the rate of contracted electricity, the orientation of the home and even the place of residence. For example, A portable model is cheaper to buy and install, but consumes more and performs less, “A portable air conditioner can expend the same amount of energy in an hour as a freezer in an entire day,” OCU says.

In fact, OCU has calculated the cost of electricity for several Spanish cities. a) yes, in Valencia The annual cost of using it with a 2.5 kW device would be between 41 and 73 eurowhile with the same device in Madrid cost will be between 73 and 163 euro,

How to reduce the use of air conditioning

But there are ways to be able to use air conditioning without costing the consumer the kind of toothache. OCU Recommends Get appliances according to the size of the house, “If it’s too big, more power will be used than needed because the unit may be running low but continuously cycling to reach the desired temperature. If it’s too small, too much effort to cool the house.” have to do,” they explain.

put the device in best position This is also important when it comes to reducing costs. The location of the indoor unit should allow good air circulation in the room. It would have been better not to expose the outdoor unit to extreme temperatures as it would have to put in more effort.

And, above all, adjust the temperature well. In summer, for best efficiency, you need Adjust the appliance to about 8 °C below the outside temperature., For example, if it’s 33°C outside, set it to 25°C. This way, the equipment will still have a great comfort level and cost less, in addition to avoiding wear and tear on the engine. In winter, the same, but regulating the equipment at 8º above the outside temperature.

Tips to save energy in heat wave

1. Routine Maintenance equipment and make sure the filter is always clean.

2. Use echo setting.

3. on very hot days, turn on the air conditioner early Instead of waiting for the house to get very hot, when it will have to work harder to cool down.

4. Use Zonal Cooling So that the system works only in those areas, which are being used.

5. Program the Air Conditioning So that it turns off while sleeping.

6. Keep the house cool and shady So that the air conditioning does not have to work much.

7. keep one Ceiling fan to help move cool air.

8. Use The dehumidifier works if the humidity is high.

9. Improving Home Insulation to reduce consumption.

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