How to Survive a Heat Wave Dressing Up as Tweety or Mickey Mouse: “Every Time You Have to Take Your Suit Off”


High temperatures, most severe in June for 20 years, complicate working hours for those who can’t protect themselves

Workers in Plaza Mayor Heat Wave
Workers in Plaza MayorJavier Barabancho

Passersby hydrate themselves with water or enter a shop. Madrid is in the middle of a heat wave -the Worst for 20 years in June According to Emmett—and on the road it shows. But there are some who can’t escape. Waiters, sweepers and operators these days are exposing themselves to a meteorological hell they can’t hide from.

“How’s it going? With resignation and water-based,” says the owner of one of the food, drink and candy stalls around Plaza de Callao, where cold water sales are now mainly advertised. “I hope I get primitive tonight”Releases Alberto, who has endured any inclement weather on the same path for 49 years.

Gran Via Asphalt Burns, Granite Absorbs Heat, But Plastics Too Much. It is the material for the suit of Victor Hugo, another of them that cannot change his place of work, nor what he wears. He spends his entire day wearing the Tweety Bird costume, where the thermal sensation increases manifold; “I feel 44 degrees here,” says Victor, who Every hour or two he breaks free from the tweety suit To drink water, sit down, get rid of the “suffocating feeling” and be able to go on with your day. “It looks like this is just the beginning,” says Victor. However, the state meteorological agency published yesterday that there is a possible drop in temperatures in Madrid from next Sunday.

Whatever happens to the thermometer, Victor will live it, he doesn’t leave Tweety’s suit on all summer long. “We need money for a house, food …”.

There’s no romance behind that suit. they don’t choose it, Victor says to two passing tourists “Photo dude… don’t you want a photo?” And he says that although he thinks he’s great at this job because he’s always been “very sociable,” he’d love to find another one where he won’t be tied down by this thermal sensation.

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