Hungary declares emergency over war in Ukraine


Viktor Orban’s government will once again resort to this legal formula, despite the fact that two years on from the pandemic, another state of emergency has been in place.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbo
Prime Minister Viktor Orban in parliament on 24 May.AFP
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  • war in ukraine The EU remains a “hostage” of Hungary and fails to impose sanctions on Russian oil

Hungarian prime minister, ultra-nationalist Viktor Orbán, announced this Tuesday that a state of emergency would go into effect at midnight. border war ukraine,

“The government declared a state of emergency because of the war in Ukraine,” Orban said in a video on the social network Facebook, hours after parliament approved a constitutional amendment that opened up the possibility of announcing that measure. Is.

According to Orban, the world is about to enter an economic crisis and he reiterated that the country must “stay out of war, protect the safety of families, and that requires space to maneuver.” The Prime Minister has assured that The crisis developed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Brussels sanctions against Moscow.,

The state of emergency means that the government can issue decrees related to the matter without consulting the Parliament. The amendment, approved today by the Hungarian government following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was proposed so that the country has the necessary tools to “aid, support and accommodate refugees, as well as to counter and mitigate negative economic impacts.”

Hungary does not send weapons to Ukraine on the grounds that it does not want to engage in a neighboring country’s war. Hungary has been in emergency for two years due to the pandemicHowever it should be raised by the Parliament on 31st.

On the other hand, it is also applicable in the Central European country, Since the fall of 2015, a state of emergency for mass migrationwhich was introduced during the refugee crisis and has been maintained despite the fact that the number of immigrants entering Hungary at the end of that year declined sharply.

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