“I smeared myself with my partner’s blood and ended up dead”: A girl tells US Congress how she survived the massacre in Texas


“When I got into the backpack, I shot my friend who was next to me and I thought she was about to go back to class, so I I took some blood and applied it all over my body”

Message in a memorial to V
Message in a memorial to the victims of Uvalde.
  • America Guns in America, a Self-Destructive Obsession Rooted in History
  • Uvalde A young man shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas school

An 11-year-old girl told US lawmakers on Wednesday that covered in the blood of his slain classmate By his side for playing dead during a shooting at a Texas school that shook the nation.

Mia Cerillo, A fourth grade student at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, describes in horrifying detail when 19 of her classmates and two teachers were shot by an 18-year-old on May 24.

He remembered that they were watching a movie and when the gunman exploded he took the teacher’s desk and the back cover of his bag.

“He said ‘good night’ to my teacher and then shot him in the head. And then I shot some of my classmates and the blackboard,” Mia said in a pre-recorded video intervention.

“When I got into the backpack, I shot my friend who was next to me and I thought she was about to go back to class, so I I took some blood and applied it all over my body.

Mia went about being completely silent, grabbed her dead teacher’s cell phone as quickly as possible and dialed 911. “I told them we needed help, and to see the police in our class,” she said.

The police in Uvalde have come under heavy criticism after learning that a dozen officers were waiting outside And as long as the children died or died, they did nothing.

When asked what she wanted to do after the attack, Mia replied: “stay safe”, and confirmed that he feared another gunman would attack his school. “I don’t want this to happen again” Told.

An activist protesting against guns in America in Washington.
An activist protesting against guns in America in Washington.

“Pulverizados Por Las Bullets”

Her father, Miguel Cerillo, said that Mia, whose details of the massacre have left some lawmakers in tears or disbelief, has nightmares and is still recovering from the fragments of the bullet in her back and coping with the trauma. . “It’s not the same girl I used to play along,” he told the committee.

His testimony comes as Congress faces increasing pressure to respond to increasing gun violence across the country, especially in the form of mass shootings (at least four dead or injured, not involving the shooter). ).

Massacre at Mia’s school and, 10 days ago, a supermarket in buffalo, In New York State, he reignited urgent calls for politicians to take action.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee also heard from the mother Lexi Rubio, A fourth grade student at Robb Elementary School who was murdered.

“We don’t want you to think of Lexi as a number. She was smart, kind and athletic.” Kimberly Rubio wiping her tears with her husband Flix said via videoconference.

“She was silent, shy, until she had nothing to say. When she was right, as she often did, she stood her ground. She was firm, straight, with an unbroken voice.” So today we stand up for Lexi and be like her. Voice, we call for action.” ,

Roy Guerrero, a pediatrician who treated several victims in Uvalde, said that Saw “two boys whose bodies were crushed by bullets, beheaded, whose flesh was torn.

Mia Cerillo's father tells the US Congress about his daughter's experience.
Mia Cerillo’s father tells the US Congress about his daughter’s experience.

“Chosen to Protect Us”

A group of Democratic and Republican senators are working out a regulation that, if limited, could be The first attempt to reform arms regulation in decades.

The package would increase funding for mental health care and school safety, slightly expand background checks on gun buyers, and encourage states to establish so-called “red flag laws,” which allow Seizing weapons from persons considered a threat.

However, it does not include a ban on assault weapons or universal background checks, so it would not meet the president’s expectations. Joe Biden, Progressive Democrats and activists against gun violence.

Even if the agreement is reached, the initiative will have to be faced. a divided senate Democrats and Republicans alike have the backing of at least 10 Republicans who are reluctant to commit to significant regulatory reform.

On the other hand, Democrats controlling the lower house on Wednesday approved a comprehensive package of proposals, including raising the purchase age of semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21.

While those proposals don’t have the 60 votes they’ll need to move forward in the Senate, the Democratic leadership is looking to do something after a series of recent mass shootings.

Garnell Whitfield Jr., the son of 86-year-old Buffalo massacre victim Ruth Whitfield, testified Tuesday about white supremacist violence on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“You expect us to keep forgiving and forgetting over and over again? And what are you doing? He was chosen to protect us and our way of life.” seal.

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