IAEA confirms Iranian plan to reduce its nuclear observation


Iranian plans to approve a key proposal with the discovery of uranium deposits in undisclosed facilities

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Iran will respond to increasing pressure on its nuclear activity by withdrawing the part of the surveillance system that International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) at its facilities. IAEA Secretary General, Rafael Grossihas confirmed Iranian plans this Thursday, responding to the approval of a key proposal with an explanation by Tehran of the discovery of traces of uranium in apparently undisclosed facilities.

In a news conference, Grossi defined the 2015 Comatose nuclear deal as a “fatal blow” to his organization’s observation systems for remaining partially in the dark for “three or four weeks”. In particular, as he explained, Iran will “withdraw 27 cameras” and other monitors that were part of a commitment the country voluntarily adopted at the signing of the nuclear deal. It allows to follow procedures in places like Natanz, Isfajn and Tehern Live.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim on Wednesday reproduced a statement from Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization announcing the conclusion of its involvement in the “Ultra Safeguards” regime, accusing the IAEA of “ignoring the fact That this cooperation had shown good will. “Iran. the text made it clear that “80% of the IAEA Chambers in Iran” will continue to provide the data.

Rafael Grossi has specified that Iran will have “40 cameras or so” attached, complying with protocols in addition to the security measures attached to the 2015 agreement. In a trill, analyst and professor at Universidad Católica del Sacro Cure, abdolrsul divallarInterprets this half-hearted Tehran blackout as “minor retaliation” by the Islamic Republic of Iran: “They are betting on nuclear growth to pressure the US/EU to make concessions”, seal

But the bridge between the protagonists is getting weaker. This Wednesday night the United Kingdom, France and Germany, the signatories of the nuclear deal, along with the United States, In a statement urging Iran to “fulfill its legal obligations” and cooperate with the IAEA to fully clarify and resolve the issues without delay.” The message came soon after condemning an IAEA resolution backed by the same countries and rejected by Russia and China. done.

The pivot of the dispute is a series of features that Iran had not previously declared to the IAEA and where, after receiving information from Israel, nuclear inspectors detected traces of uranium. It is believed that at least one of them corresponds to a warehouse in which a file was kept that purportedly proves that as of 2003, Iran pursued the creation of a nuclear weapon. Rafael Grossi has explained that The explanations Iran has given so far for such findings are not convincing.

The nuclear deal that Iran and several countries signed seven years ago allowed the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring system in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and the need for Iran to enrich uranium beyond a limit sufficient for peaceful nuclear activity. was abandoned. In return, all existing restrictions were removed. In 2017, the former US president withdrew from the treaty and reimposed sanctions, triggering a deadly escalation that has lasted until today and fueled regional tensions and the Iranian nuclear race.

Claiming its right to respond to sanctions within the framework of the Agreement, Iran has increased its storage and purity of uranium Over the limit, contacting people needed to build nuclear weapons, which Tehran says it is not pursuing. Although US leader Joe Biden advocated a return to the deal, and talks were on track to achieve it, the US and Iran have reached a point. deadlockWhich, if tension builds up, can become dangerously insurmountable.

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