Iglesias has criticized the return of “stabs, finds and leaks” after the conflict between IU and Podemos in Andaluca.


Former Vice President Says Yolanda Daz Project Begins in “Worst Way”

Former Vice President of Government and former L.
Former Vice President of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, taking part in an act.dance galicianEFE
  • Andalusian election The electoral board again denies the inclusion of Podemos in the confluence of the Andalusian left

Former leader of Podemos, Paul ChurchAssured on this Monday that the project promoted by the second vice president, yolanda diazoohas begun in the “worst possible way” after a conflict between United Left You We can do it In Andalusia called for electoral alliances and for future primaries so that the “people” decide the candidate among various proposals.

“This is a horrific one. It shames us. The worst way to start what is needed in this country is to have a broad front and accumulate confusion. It has started in the worst possible way,” Sarkar said. The former vice president reiterated during a speech on Cadena Cer gathered by Europa Press.

Iglesias explained that there were two proposals, one led by Podemos. Juan Antonio Delgadoand the other with the candidate of IU and Ms. Pass, spotless grandson, and the structures “did not agree”. “Yolanda Dazs intervened and said the candidate should be from IU. We can agree because the boss says so, even if we don’t agree, and we have to accept it,” he said.

For this reason, he has advocated setting up an “open primary for civilians or for militants of formations” for “next time”. “Don’t have to go through this embarrassment” in the election of the candidate. He assured, “At least the people have to decide. If we say we have to listen to the people, it means letting them speak, vote and decide. This cannot happen again.”

In this context, Iglesias states that “it is clear” that Podemos “He no longer leads in Andalusia”, but IU and Ms Pas do, and as he explained, it has generated “enthusiasm” among many. Thus, he defends that now is the time to “follow” Yolanda Díaz and “work to achieve the best results” next Sunday, June 19. “The spirit at this time is not of unity. And the one who denies it is reasoning and lying,” he decided.

Criticizes filters and “stubs”

Former vice president criticizes withdrawal over electoral alliance talks in Andalusia “Dispatch, Razor, Search and Leak” And he has defended the primary system to which Podemos has “contributed” in his opinion, so that there are no “Dedazos”.

“Podemos was the political formation that supported Yolanda Diaz and for unity with Izquierda Unida. Regardless of the role we occupy, we are going to be disciplined and clear as long as we have unity, partnership and loyalty with Yolanda Díaz. When it comes to protecting the end”, he underlined.

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