Ila admitted that the government’s decisions in managing the coronavirus were “not entirely correct”.


“There were things that could have been done differently,” says interior minister amid a pandemic, leader of the Catalan socialists

Salvador Ila, in an act this March, in Zaragoza.
Salvador Ila, in an act this March, in Zaragoza.EFE
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The PSC’s first secretary, Salvador Ila, health minister, during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, acknowledged this Tuesday that there were “things that could have been done differently” and “stepped up” during the management of the crisis. ” have shown that they were not entirely correct”.

In this sense, he pointed out that in February 2020 the executive lacked data to support that imprisonment was the right decision. In any case, during his participation in the Forum of Managers and Executives of Aragon (ADEA) in Zaragoza, he insisted that the epidemic was managed “with sincere respect for the law”.

In his speech, Ila pointed out that “the most complex moments were early” because there was “a lot of uncertainty” and there was no “clear idea of ​​the magnitude” of the pandemic, so the Spanish government had to take measures “indicated with incomplete information”.

In any case, he continued, Pedro Sánchez’s government acted with “civilization” and was no “better or worse” than the surrounding countries and “the passage of time has given perspective that it has not done so badly.” , it’s not too bad.”

“All the governance systems in the world were stressed and an atmosphere of great collusion was created,” said Ila, who recalled that “there are still daily deaths” so “this folder cannot be archived.”

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