Iman Vellamy, First Muslim Superhero: “I Remember All Ms. Marvel Comics”


Iman Velami, the first superhero
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Young, charismatic and intelligent. That’s correct! Iman Velani (Markham, Ontario, Canada, 2002), Pakistani-born actress, who was remade in late 2020 with the coveted leading role. Ms. Marvel, the series which will premiere on Disney+ on June 8. His confidence makes up for his inexperience in front of the microphone promoting his first professional job. Help anyone who knows the adventures and audacity of the character, Marvel’s most powerful creation in the last decade. The fruit of collaboration between editors Sana Anamat You steve wakerscreenplay by g willow wilson and cartoonist Adrian Alphona, the superhero gained its collection in 2014 after making her debut in the Captain Marvel collection, which is a complete statue of Kamala Khan, a teenager hiding behind Ms. Marvel’s mask. The comic, the first to feature a Muslim superhero, shook the industry and the media in an unusual way: it remained on the world’s best-sellers list for several weeks. new York Timeswon the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2015 and made the character a pillar of the Marvel Universe in Miniatures. Now he intends to achieve this in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without controversy. Her metamorphosis powers – and their origins – have changed, but her essence remains the same: Kamala is a teenager with an immigrant father, proud of her culture and who seeks her place in the world without giving up. He.

How do you feel now that the series premiere is imminent?
I am swimming with everything that happens around me. It’s like the series was on for tomorrow… and I was picked the day before! It’s weird to think that people are starting to see it and love it.
You knew a lot about Ms. Marvel’s character before she was cast, right?
Yes! In fact, I decided to go to the audition because I had read all of his comics when I was in high school. She also dressed as Ms. Marvel when she was about 15 years old. So yes, it’s all because someone sent me a WhatsApp with a casting call. I went, I tested… and it happened. And now I’m here in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
What was going through your mind when you first read the script?
I loved it. I felt like I was reading some comic book that hadn’t been published yet, whose pages hadn’t been made yet… and we were going to star in those miniatures. It was amazing, but it was also surreal to have the script in my hands and be the first to read it.
Did you add more comics to your reading to prepare for the role?
Basically, I have all the Ms. Marvel Comics memorized. And I’m also a big reader of the collection invincible iron man and of Silver Wake. You can say something like they are my favorite.

So are these rumors true that you prefer Iron Man to Captain Marvel like Kamala?
s! [risas] I know there’s no one like Captain Marvel for Kamala, but I’ll be with Tony Stark forever!
Do you feel very much identified with Kamala by removing the idols of each one?
Kamala and I are almost alike, almost on a cellular level, you know? We kind of live in parallel, he’s getting his superpowers and I’m getting this job. Both things seemed to be going hand in hand. I’ve really dug into the things I’ve gone through and put them on screen. With me, the director and producer went above and beyond: The communication was excellent and they let me get involved in the writing process and incorporate many of my real-life stories. We implemented them in Kamala’s life to make the character as authentic as possible. So yes, I feel very recognized and happy.
Is it a responsibility for you to star in a series destined to change the way Muslims are represented in Western fiction?
I believe we have worked honestly and I have made it so to speak for myself and of course. And I say this for sure. To be able to change the perspective of how Muslims are viewed in the mainstream media. Or at least that’s what I hope. There are so many wonderful and talented South Asians and Muslims involved in the creative process and what you see on screen… it’s refreshing to see it in Hollywood! I am very grateful that this was my first experience in the industry.
How was it working with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige?
It’s like being in wrestling camp! It’s stressful, it’s intimidating, and it’s magical. This is how I would describe it.
In its first chapters, the series appears to be paying fans tribute to their contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Yes. And I think it’s great, because it takes a lot of effort to be a part of fan and show that you are more nerd that other Idiot For me, it was a constant struggle in high school: I had to prove that I was Marvel’s biggest fan. One day I would like to write all the essays I have in mind about Marvel. If only I could find a hole to make the theoretical plans and all the things that come with being a fan… we certainly uncover a lot in the series. We respect fan culture miraculousness And we encourage them to keep doing what they are doing. Because Marvel is his fans… and we wouldn’t be where we are without him.

How would you define the impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had on your life?
This is my whole life. I don’t know… I mean: I grew up with the Marvel Universe. and certainly, iron man This is my favorite film. And it just goes to show how relatable these characters are, how much they mean to ordinary people. How can someone who pulls webs out of their hands be one of the most famous characters in the world? this is madness! And it also shows you that Marvel really listens to its audience and knows what their audience wants to see. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this process now.
No spoilers… what can you tell us about Ms. Marvel’s future?
I hope he has a great future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But we’ll see! As everyone knows Kamala is in the movie miracle With Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, so I’m really excited about it. And the truth is I can’t say much about it but it will be a fun film!
As a moviegoer you are and Agnes Varda is your favorite film director, would you recommend any movies you have watched recently?
That is a good question! [risas] I watch everything at the same time everywhere and this movie I have seen recently blew my mind and would definitely recommend to everyone…uh…uh…god. I forgot. I think it’s best that my answer is this: I haven’t had time to watch a lot of movies lately because I’ve been dealing with the press promoting the series, but when I have time I will. I will! [risas]
Have you seen any Spanish production of the movies or series you watched before Ms. Marvel entered the maelstrom?
Yes, there are some… but now that you’ve asked me I’m left blank! [Piensa unos segundos], I guess the last time I saw it was not long ago Hole, And I liked it. It started with a very interesting concept, with that vertical gel. Yes, it was definitely great.
Have you had time to think about what kind of productions you would like to participate in in the future?
I don’t know I think being able to work with new and fun directors is something I’ll always say I love. The things in which the voices of South Asia can be different. that would be fantastic. And details like being involved in the creative process… it was something I really liked in Ms. Marvel: digging in with my own hands, contributing a lot of my own stories and ideas, and being willing to accept them to Marvel. What was more, it was something unique. I want to have that kind of relationship in my future projects.

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