In Littri’s Death: The Emergence of a ‘Great’ in the History of Bullfighting


On the death of the litter: evacuation

Miguel Baez “Litry” has died and my pen needs a note of his bullfighting and human personality with my sadness. To do this, it should be remembered that “Manolet” died in 1947 and since then, The reign of Luis Miguel Dominguin It seemed that the throne was guaranteed for a long time, when in 1949 two bullfighters emerged on the bullfighting scene, creating a famous couple, and who were very different but complementary, Julio Aparicio and Miguel Baez “Litry”.

His 1949 season was explosive and all viewers wanted to see was new, and it’s time to write with respect that this “littery” who died was the first “tremendous” bullfighter to die, because of some of the moves he’s made in the past. She was awesome. ring and Spectacular among them “Litterzo” In which he summoned the bull from a long distance, which without any emotion was tolerating Ambrock; In this beginning of the work he saw a full range of line and staging with mulletazos having not very stable but highly popular effectiveness. His coercionism set the standard and when Julio Aparicio followed his classic, domineering path, with spectacular gestures of rebellion against the bull, other “trendists” emerged, citing those who initially believed in this “populist”. ” and through the “popular” route the bull was conquered. Audience: Antonio Borrero “Chamaco” – as “Litry” from Huelva, although he was born in Ganda – Manuel Jiménez “Chiquelo II” -, Miguel Mateo “Miguelán”, and already known as Manuel Bentez “El Cordobes” To turn away from, already in the early sixties.

“Litry” took a choice that has become hysterical to share it with its Nouvraille partner, Julio Aparicio, to be held on 12 October 1950 andAt Bullring in Valencia, Joaquín Rodriguez “Cagancho” Joaquín Rodriguez “Cagancho” gave him tackle first, which was a luxury to attract which of the two. “Litry” became so rich in his early quirky ways that he retired in a few years, investing his well-deserved bullfighting proceeds for a very good time, when he felt like it and was already in his sixties. decade, when “El Cordobes” planted him. forms, “Litry” proved in the most famous arenas, such as La Real Maestranza in Seville and Las Ventas in Madrid, that he knew how to fight, and very well indeed.

And having made this historical point, I want to leave here the human testimony of those who dealt with him and I want to write aloud that all bullfighting has worked wonders about the human Miguel Baez; bullfighters of his time and later, Writers, managers, ranchers, admirers, all admired without question his simplicity, his humanity, his kindness, his kind person and his joy in delighting friends with the famous stews and rice dishes in his Huelva land which he himself had prepared.

I know that in his last years, already living in Madrid, not far from Hotel Wellington, and from Retiro Madrid, he met with his dear friends Julio Aparicio and Paco Camino, when he left Paradise for a few hours Was. To remember your time, at the foot of Gredos, the time when all Spain praised the undeniable value of a bullfighter of the dynasty, who died this Wednesday, May 18 at the age of 91, days after the news revealed his surname at the wedding of his son Miguel in Seville. Readers of this note should know that Miguel Baez was important in the “litre” field and in life.

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