In order to “hide” the “massacre” Maduro once again attacks the King with Sa. – All you need to know


The Chavista leader repeated some figures, which have been refuted by historians, according to which of the 100 million natives who lived when the conquerors arrived, only 10 million were left.

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  • Venezuela Nicolas Maduro: “It is unfortunate that the King of Spain supports genocide in the 21st century”
  • Venezuela Maduro creates a commission to clarify the “crimes” of the conquest and demands compensation from Spain

Nicolás Maduro took advantage of the bicentenary of the Battle of Pichincha, a decisive independence movement to take Quito. Attack on King Felipe VI Not to condemn, according to his account, “crimes of mass genocide, crimes against humanity, devastation of our native peoples.”

“In the 21st century, the Spanish Crown should be very clear and condemn these crimes, but no, they cover them up. And they say they came to civilize and instill in us a kind of were barbarians, they still say so.”, This is the ideology of authority, of the Spanish Crown, of empires”, cried out to the “presidential people” for the third time since last year, he joined the claims against the Mexican president’s victory, Anders Manuel Lepez Obrador.

Already in October, Maduro sent a letter to La Jarzuela in which he demanded respect for the memory of the native people. In the letter, the revolutionary Boss accused the emperor of supporting the genocide at the hands of the Spaniards that “They came to take our money, rape women, kill them with blood and fire across America.

In this way, reopen a Old strategy of attacks against Spain and the king As part of a lengthy pre-election campaign leading up to the 2024 presidential elections, which included everything from the creation of Supermastache, a superhero in the personality cult of “Chávez’s son”, to the raffle of tickets to concerts.

The Chavista leader has reiterated some figures, Historians denied According to which only 10 million of the 100 million natives who lived upon the arrival of the Conquerors survived.

“It’s always been said that about 100 million grandparents came out of Africa, became slaves, and only 50 million came alive on the shores of America,” said Maduro, who sought to reclaim the old dream. Took advantage of the historic Harang. Homeland. big.

“The great times of the Union lie before us,” declared the president, who assured that there are 25 countries that have joined America’s summit boycott, Spain has also been invited to a conference to be held in Los Angeles in June.

Pulse Against Washington It is also headed by López Obrador, who is a great ally of Vladimir Putin in the region, who gave an ultimatum to Joe Biden by abandoning three dictatorships on the continent (Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua).

From Mexico, it is ensured that some form of representation is being negotiated for its partners. Maduro complained, “The path cannot be exclusionary, discriminates against the whole people,” yet issued a prophecy: “The voices of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua will reach Los Angeles. He will oppose the summit boycott.” peak”.

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