In the head of a police negotiator: “Our weapon is knowing how to listen; we can never lie to the kidnapper”


Specialized agents face extreme situations where they try to persuade trapped people with hostages or prevent suicide attempts.

in the head of a police interlocutor
Xavi Martinez
  • planning Man arrested in Koslada barricaded himself with his daughters after learning that he was condemned for misbehavior
  • planning The armed man who barricaded himself in his Kada Real bar to prevent his eviction has been handed over to the police

They are always on the alert and their mission is to handle extreme situations: suicide attempts, robbers with hostages or trapped with children. He is the interlocutor of the National Police, Officers determined to modify behavior to avoid tragedies. Police trained in these critical scenarios in which they work round the clock to gain the trust of a depressed person or a person with a disorder.

is in madrid Three agents assigned to this mission, supported by a liaison officer and integrated into a larger investigation team. One of the interlocutors is Enrique González Reales, chief inspector of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of Madrid, who Last Saturday in Coslada he managed to find the man who Barricading himself with daughter for more than six hours minor and who threatened to blow up the building after finding out that his wife had condemned him for misbehavior.

First, the agent clarifies that the figure of the interlocutor is not predictable in American films. The reality is not like that. It’s true that everyone looks up to you because you’re wearing a vest with the word Negotiator, but we’re part of a team. The man who gets out of the car that everyone makes way for and who has special psychological powers to get into the other person’s mind it’s just pure fantasyExplain

Two interlocutors usually go to each of these thorny events, One primary and one secondary. Normally only one goes, but we’re going two to gain experience, Inspector’s description. The primary is the one who talks to the person and the secondary is there to support him, because many times the primary is so involved in the conversation that he cannot be aware of other things at the same time. And sometimes, if the condition goes on for a long time, they have to relieve themselves, he says. Another important element in our team is the link, an agent who is required to provide us with the information, It’s important to know the details that allow you to empathize with the person who is trapped or wants to commit suicide. Enrique explains that knowing where he was born, if he has a family, hobbies… Any information can be important to start a conversation with the kidnapper and gain his trust. And finally, there is a group of judicial police brigades that always support the interlocutor, with experience in these incidents.

It all started last Saturday when 43-year-old Romanian Miguel saw from the roof of his house his wife was walking down the street with a police officer after she was condemned for sexual violence at the police station. The man locked himself at home with his two daughters aged 12 and 15. The eldest, very frightened, risked his life to enter the adjoining house through a tenth-floor window, which leaned over a small projection of the building.

Enrique Gonzo, chief inspector of the group of negotiators
Enrique González Reals, chief inspector of the group of negotiators.Xavi Martinez

The situation was complicated when Miguel threatened to explode the building and also released gas from under the door of the house. It was necessary to cut off the gas in the building, cut off the power, vacate the block, evacuate the entire perimeter of the area and inform the GEOS., the agent continues. At times it seems that the matter is complicated like never before experienced by the negotiators. We spoke to his wife to find out the information and to find out where we can have a conversation. And she told us that her husband was over-jealous, possessive and controlling. In this case and in other cases, we are interested in obtaining as much personal information as possible about the person and the circumstances that led him there. anything that works for us to hook The person we deserve to be with, Whether he’s on the soccer team or whatever kind of music he likes, repeat.

The inspector says that the hardest thing is always to persuade the person to put an end to his violent behavior and stresses that “the main weapon of the negotiator is knowing how to listen.” The situation was critical last Saturday. The man along with his daughter was locked up with three butane cylinders. His passion was his wife. He would say anything to scare his wife. There was a lot of tension. It was a conversation of many hours and many ups and downs. The man started talking nicely to us, but as soon as we talked to him about his wife, he went crazy. We get things done slowly and find influential people in man we can’t count. We also got the phone number of the brother and he introduced himself. Time after time we saw that talking between the two brothers could make things right. We were on their side and we told them what to tell them in advance”, as described by the inspector who should be available 24 hours a day throughout the year without receiving any extra remuneration for the job.

Finally, after a hard day’s struggle, by around 6:00 pm last Saturday, the interlocutor was able to persuade the entanglement. The inspector successfully consents to her delivery and the release of his youngest daughter. First the man pulled out the girl, who did not face any form of aggression, and then she shut herself again and after a while almost came out in tears. He remembered every step he was going to take, he even remembered the moment he opened the door and went backwards. While the GEOS were waiting for him and he was taken into custody, the inspector insisted.

Also last April, the negotiator Enrique Gonzalez faced Another man who locked himself alone for eight hours at a time at his property in Cada Real de Vallecasi (Madrid) The day he was to be evicted by order of the Municipal Corporation. “That case was complicated and very unique. There was a weapon inside that man, a shotgun, and we had to oust as many people he could have shot. The conversation was very difficult and in the end he turned himself in. Changed. To be present.” a judge. The curious thing is that the trapped man had someone outside to see that he was not deceived by the presence of a false magistrate”, recalls the interlocutor.

Inspector Gonzalez explains that the one thing the agent can never do is lie to the kidnapper or suicide bomber and break what was promised. sometimes, over several hoursIt is difficult for us to convince the commissioner or even GEOS that we can proceed with the matter., It is important to let the confused speak. Tell him your problems and the process can be lengthy. We never know when we’re going to finish, each issue is different and can be resolved in an hour or so, says the inspector who insists that the interlocutor only hit the person trapped or the person on the roof. focuses attention that threatens to throw itself blank There is a key event manager, who is usually a commissioner and is the one who has a global vision of everything., We are here only to interact and we have to focus on hearing, seeing, understanding and even guessing to impress them. As on the second day, 95% of interventions end well and with the satisfaction of the interlocutor for sincerely helping those in distress.

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