In the Labyrinth of the ‘Pack’: Why More and More Teenagers Are Sexual Assaulters


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Five minors accused of raping two girls of 12 and 13 years in the city, the champion had come amidst thunderous applause! burjasoto (Valencia). the judge had just ordered his probation andTennars of relatives waiting outside the City of Justice reverberated with applause and cheers as if it were a celebration of a sporting title. A youth was carried on his shoulders to astonish the National Police agents posted in the premises.

This scene is from last Friday night. The same morning, just hours from there, four other minors were arrested for gang-raping an 18-year-old girl at the patron saint festival of Villa-Real (Castellan). It was the second reported mass sexual assault in the region in the same week, Sixth in the whole country in just one month And this year so far the twentieth.

This confusion of rapidly increasing cases has increased the concern of the citizens. Everyone is puzzled as to why young people are engaging in an increasing number of sexual assaults. Is it to access wild porn via mobile as fast as possible? Lack of sex education suited to our times? Influence of cultures that respect women less than Westerners? or even an unexpected effect Descorche After more than two years of restrictions due to the pandemic?

In any case, this growing civil outcry has prompted the executive to prioritize the issue on its agenda, which includes the law of sexual freedom – known as The only rule of s is s– That’s just today the vote has been done in Congress. In recent times, we have seen a rise in gangs committing sexual assault of adolescent women with multiple rapes, the official spokesperson said, isabelle rodrguez, this Tuesday. The words of the official representative in the Valencian community were more divisive, gloria caleroWho called these incidents a blow to rape culture. Then he personally launched a reflection as controversial: what’s up with men?, he asked himself, which earned him a barrage of criticism on social networks.

Beyond polarizing or election-oriented messages, sexual assault statistics suggest that society needs more effective protocols for prevention, awareness and action by public administration. according to the last The balance of criminality of the Ministry of the Interior, Last year, 17,016 crimes against sexual freedom and compensation were committed in Spain, 9.2% more than in 2019, Said document shows a sharp increase in penetrative sexual assaults: a total of 2,143. Or put another way, about six rapes in a day. One every four hours.

But it is the crimes committed by minors that raise the alarm intensely. last memories of attorney general of state They have already been warning of an increase in behavior by adolescents against sexual freedom. In 2019, courts recorded 1,833 proceedings, compared to 1,386 in 2017, 1,271 in 2016, and 1,081 in 2015. Nearly 70% growth in just four years,

Cheering, humiliating and even threatening the victims of this type of violence on social networks at the court doors – you have to beat them to learn, he also wrote to a girl from Burjasot – Or, without further ado, understanding some of the dominating behaviors on women as entertainment raises the question of how we got here. Why do kids plan for fun and go out to rape?he asks himself ruthlessly Beautiful!director of the observatory femicidewhich counts up to 274 group sexual assaults between 2016 and 2021—popularly known as cluster– in our country. And that only by analyzing cases published by the media, because neither the Interior nor the Prosecutor’s Office breaks down the data on these crimes.

The reason for many of these problems is the lack of adequate sex education.that poses a health risk and emotional and physical harm, reacts to Diana Fernandez SarosSexologist and U. Professor of Sexual Therapy inAutonomous University of Madrid, We meet people who don’t have the skills to take care of themselves and others, Poor emotional and sexual intelligence, as well as difficulties forming and fostering relationshipshealthy, well treated and stable with others

This education is especially necessary at a time when Smartphones -Spanish children get their first cell phone at the age of nine on average – this has contributed to making pornography accessible at an early age. In just two decades, Children are increasingly consuming porn on websites free of smuggling erotic magazines Those who have assumed the role of a sexuality teacher or parent who oversees the formation of their child’s values.

I honestly believe that pornography has a lot to do with the rise in these crimes, exposes white ellawho teaches courses on digital sex education and detoxification of euphemisms adult content, I am not saying that this is the only reason for gang rape, or even that anyone who consumes porn will later become a rapist or gang member. but Undoubtedly, today’s youth are using pornography as a sex educator., We parents still don’t talk about sexuality with our kids and kids want to know and are having more and more sex. So turn to porn to learn,

Without wanting to demonstrate the use of technology, catalina parazzoThe NGO responsible for the social and political events of Save the Children, clarifies: the danger is not that they watch porn, but that their sexual desire is being built on imaginary, unreal, violent and unequal foundations.

Accurately Save the Children published study Sexual (mis)information: pornography and adolescenceWhich revealed in 2020 that for 30% of participants, pornography was the only source of information about sexual practices.

Very young children, without critical ability, come across the pornographic image and have consequences. have access to porn MainstreamWhich is very animal today – Famous gang bang Or group sex – is not doing the youth any good, LELO. The firm’s sexologist, author and ambassador explains valerie tasso about the management of what is temporally called age of turkey, What they do not understand is that it is, of course, not a presentation of human sexuality, but a half-hearted presentation. Imaginary of something In the end, they have the idea that sex should be like this: immediate, hypersexual, generating excitement and not desire…

Andrea Gimnez-Salinasprofessor of criminology Comillas UniversityTaking as context 600 police reports between 2009 and 2013 participated in a 2019 study by the Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with several public universities on sexual assault. This report made it possible to trace the profile and mode of operation Furthermore, it turns out that these criminal actions present distinctive features in relation to violations committed by an individual.

They are on average smaller, description Gimnez-Salinas. They have hardly any police records, they work more on holidays or weekends, with a significant consumption of alcohol and drugs, mainly on public streets rather than private homes, under pressure from a leader’s actions and his Along with more violence. the verbs. And that includes a high percentage of non-citizens as well.

Regarding this last—and often sidelined—issue, he insists on clarifying: these are empirical data and are comparable with other investigations that have been done in other environments. There is no point in speculating about the reasons in the absence of more information. What we have seen is that when mass attacks are perpetrated by non-citizens, the victims are also of the same nationalities.

The influence of multiculturalism also suggests, for example, the generalization of some reggaeton songs that reduce women to the ranks of objects of consumption and pleasure. There are other cultures in which respect for women is not necessary and these behaviors exist even within our own culture, says sexology. Ana Fernandez-Alonso, People from other cultures should also understand that consent is something that you need from both sides.

For various experts, there is one last factor that should not be taken into account when analyzing the occurrence of multiple sexual assaults. And it’s not just about the cultural factor, with the series offering an overflowing streaming In which there is a clear relationship from a long time ago. Nor does advertising, which has made even the smallest of people the target of hypersexualization. And not even with the growing awareness of young women who denounce the facts they used to hide earlier. Specifically, they refer to something as simple as seasonality.

Most cases are concentrated in the spring and summer months, as these attacks are carried out in the context of recreation and leisure. If we look, the accumulation of cases in recent weeks has occurred in the first heat, with a change in temperature, underlines Graciela Atencio. Besides, we are coming out of a pandemic in which we all really want to live, get out again. Young people are getting too lax and want to bottle up or get drunk, says Blanca Ella.

As one, Statistics show that this is a phenomenon that has been brewing for years. And so it requires more action than waiting for half the population to drop or be treated as suspected rapists. You have to teach respect and act at will from school, closes Tasso. It is necessary that it should be a compulsory subject in schools from the age of five, but the whole society should be educated in the values.

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