Indefinite strike of doctors in Madrid from this Tuesday: minimum services will be between 50% and 100%


They demand that their experience and expertise be taken into account in the processes of conversion of temporary posts into permanent posts.

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  • to oppose Agreement between Madrid’s Health and College of Physicians does not prevent strikes from May 10

Madrid’s specialist doctors have been called on an indefinite strike from 8 a.m. this Tuesday to protest job insecurity that affects nearly half of this professional group. Take into account your experience and expertise In procedures for stabilization of employment. An average of 52% of the 12,000 physicians currently working in hospitals in the region have temporary contracts, rising to 85% in case of emergencies.

Health Minister has established some minimum services 50% of the employees will have to be present, except in certain units considered critical and urgent. Specifically, this measure covers dialysis, emergencies, resuscitation, critical care, hospitalization, operating rooms, pathology, oncology and AIDS day hospitals, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, organ extraction and transplantation, radiotherapy, hemodynamics and admission and collection. affects.

Professionals who are on prescribed duty cannot even go on strike. to do it all ensure complete health care For patients affected by COVID-19 and other severe or particularly severe and even life-threatening pathologies, he explains at the department led by Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

The protest, which does not affect primary care, has been called by Madrid-MUD’s non-fixed doctors and the FEA platform, the group SomosArgencias Somosuno and the Association of Doctors and Higher Graduates of Madrid (Amits), which rejects established minimum services. We do. to consider them disrespectful. There is planning as well as stoppage Demonstration from 10.30 am From the Rio Vallecano Stadium to the Madrid Assembly.

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Madrid experts led by the College of Physicians gave an ultimatum to the government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso to carry out a labor stabilization process through a qualification competition for all vacancies in a final and unobstructed manner before January 2016. On that date and by December 2017, he called for the announcement of an Extraordinary Public Employment Offer (OEP), that the selection be made through a competitive examination system and that the exam was not over,

Health’s response, after consultation with the Counsel for the Community of Madrid, has been that it is legally inexpedient to suppress previously published OEP places to award them through other procedures because, according to state regulations, they have to be further and if they will not hurt the interests of 13,159 candidates who have requested to participate. For this reason, they have committed to carry out the extraordinary stabilization process required by law of immediate measures to reduce the temporary in public employment by competitive modalities and the number of places convened before 31 May is from 1,000. More.

At the College of Physicians they embrace this option in line with the regional government’s commitment to current and future stabilization of the workforce, which they assure will follow-up with continuous and careful follow-up. The goal is that within two years Of the total 17,000 professionals in the field, 82% are permanent.Now compared to 55.4%, 10% interim and 7% provisional.

3,247 places awarded

They also do not support the protest bcc, CSIF, Condition in UGTAs they argue, the 81 selection processes by the opposition competition that are underway to cover 28,142 places—for 3,427 doctors—have been approved by all unions in more than 69 health categories in the regional table, including amitsoAnd with vacancies published in December 2018

While maintaining the goal of stabilizing the largest number of professionals, we believe that there are ways to avoid injustice With those accumulating the temporality of more years is the opposite of Angela Hernández, secretary general of Emmets. We hope that in the community of Madrid they will be sensitive, with even more deficient categories that will soon become more, he warned.

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