Independence movement in parliament with PSC shields Catalan supremacy in school


Aragonpes thanks Ila for her “responsibility” and Vox, PP and Cs are considering appealing the rule in the Constitutional Court

Ila congratulates Aragon
The island greets Aragon in the parliament.EFE

Later desired by its promoters, but designed by language law Peter Aragons You Salvador Island An attempt to shield the linguistic immersion of 25 percent of the sentence has been approved in Parliament this Wednesday.

After yesterday receiving the approval of the Council of Statutory Guarantees – which considered the constitutional norm despite acknowledging that it does not grant vehicular status to Castilians – the legislative project striving to establish Catalan supremacy in the educational system went ahead. Votes of PSC, ERC, Junts have increased General, The CUP has distanced itself from the agreement as the door opened for an inconsistent increase in Spanish in the classroom, while Vox, PP and Cs are already studying challenging the law before the Constitutional Court.

Awaiting a legal battle to overthrow him, Aragon concludes a land settlement with Ila that certifies Catalan as the backbone of the Catalan school. The President of the Generalitat thanked the leader of the Catalan Socialists for his responsibility in making the four-way treaty possible, which has tasked with approving the rules.

The initial claim of the Catalan brand of independence movement, socialists and podemos was that the law had been approved before the deadline set by the TSJC to implement the sentence, but appeals were filed before the council by Vox, PP and CS. Statutory guarantees made this impossible by lengthening the processing time.

This explains why the government’s appeal to the High Court to implement the court’s decision was based solely on a decree approved by the Catalan executive in which it also refrained from setting the percentage of hours in Spanish. Referring to a law that still did not have the approval of the Chamber, would have reduced the weight of the separatist argument, he consulted Pere Aragon’s cabinet.

The agreement reached yesterday was immortalized on the steps of Parliament with a family photo led by the president of the Generalitat himself, who accompanied him Jordi PuignerAs the supreme representative of the juntas in government, Jessica Albiachas the leader of GeneralBut from whom Ila was missing, who gave his place to the PSC spokesperson, Alicia Romero,

The Socialists have completed their maneuver to be included in the list of parties defending immersion, but they will not support the recognition in Parliament of the government’s decree against the 25% rule, understanding that this is a counter-argument against the TSJC. There is a direct confrontation.

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