India defends against the clock to save the child who fell into the well last Friday


Those responsible for the operation assure that 10-year-old Rahul is “stable” and “receptive”.

Rahul Rescue Operationdisaster response force

Rescue team working tirelessly to nab 10 year old Rahul Trapped in a well for more than 90 hours, where he had fallen last Friday while playing In his village in eastern India.

According to reports, the youth fell into an unusable well several meters deep in Pehrid village in Chhattisgarh state on Friday afternoon and is currently “stable” and “receptive”. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) on Twitter this Tuesday.

The search operation is proceeding through a parallel tunnel that is being built to facilitate their rescue, although the NDRF said they are encountering very hard rocks which, while drilling to keep them going forward, are “a great challenge”.

The office of Chhattisgarh Government Headquarters assured in the same social network that Rahul, “by gestures, requested to eat something”Highlighting his “courage”.

Indian officials showed pictures of workers with flashlights in a narrow tunnel, slowly scraping the earth bit by bit to keep moving towards the minor.

The youth’s oxygen level rose yesterday afternoon, so “though he was still very weak”, his condition had improved, regional magistrate Jitendra Shukla told local agency ANI, who was optimistic.

“We are trying to get him out at the earliest and provide him the necessary medical attention,” Shukla insisted. Hopefully the accumulated stress will soon turn into “hope”.

India experienced a similar episode in late October 2019, when two-year-old Sujit Wilson fell into a well about 30 meters deep in the south of the country. The minor was rescued lifeless after over 80 hours of rescue that shook the entire nation.

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