Infoca Pujera considers the fire stable in Malaga that has swept away 3,000 hectares of forest


In the extinction event, which is still ongoing, three firefighters have been injured. Those evicted will continue to return to their homes.

Permits for the Pujera fire have not proceeded in recent hours.Daniel PerezEFE
  • priest Sierra Bermeja fire already affecting 2,150 hectares

Juan Sanchez, the firefighting director of Pujera (Málaga), announced earlier this Friday that they had managed to stabilize the fire that had raged independently since last Wednesday. Through the mountains from the Sierra Bermeja In addition to the 10,000 that burned in the same area last September, wind-induced in the direction of the coast, removed about 3,000 hectares of forest.

An incident in which three firefighters were injured – one of them seriously and still hospitalized in the burn unit of the Regional Hospital in Málaga – and which led to several thousand people evicted From the Málaga city of Benhavs – including its urban area – and several other Estepona are also scattered throughout Málaga, but since Thursday night they have been able to return to their homes.

Andalusian government president Juanma Moreno confirmed both aspects via his Twitter account. “The fire is supposed to be constant,” he remarked, and “The evicted will continue to return home progressivelyHowever, he called for caution and insisted that “there is still work ahead”.

Thanks to Carmen Crespo, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andaluca Efforts made by the entire deployed equipment In the Pujera fire that made it possible to stabilize it.

Crespo, who visited the Infoca command post this Friday and witnessed the situation firsthand, sent “a lot of encouragement and strength to face whatever is left” to those who were trying to douse the flames. continue to work hand in hand. He also mentioned the firefighters who were injured on the first day, one of whom is still hospitalised, and wished them a speedy recovery.

“It’s not over for us,” insisted Infoca’s extirpation director, and the troops would continue to operate over the next few hours. To put out the fire in the area But they will do it “on a periphery, which in principle does not move and which does not pose a risk to the population, Juan Sánchez specified from the command post established in Benhavs.

With this “we take the weight off our shoulders”, he pointed to being clearly satisfied, and “we also free up soldiers for work”. surgical procedures that we have to do in the mountains”, In this respect, it has had an impact on what is talked about a lot these days, the fire-affected environment being “very complex with some significant valleys and very dangerous with lots of loose boulders”, wide extinction. Director of

In fact, one of the “greatest threats” faced by firefighters and other personnel working ‘in situ’ to control these irregular perimeters is when Carrying out controlled burning on the margins of a fire These stones fall on them, explained Juan Sanchez.

It has gone “very slowly”—orography and meteorological conditions would not have allowed it to do otherwise—but It opens last night what is called the “window of opportunity” in which the humidity of the air and especially the ocean He has favored firefighters and allowed each of their efforts to be “successful like no other time” when work turns upside down within minutes and we have to start all over again.

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