Inmates’ aggression against officials in Catalan prisons skyrockets


Unions confirm that there have been 21 strikes threatening worker’s life in the first months of the year and call on the Generalitat to take measures

image of a protest
image of a protest

Conflict has skyrocketed in Catalan prisons. In the first four months of 2022, there have been 21 very serious attacks on officers by prisoners in which their lives are also in danger. In addition, there have been 141 serious attacks in which victims have received health care and 111 attempted attacks on workers, Javier Martínez, the spokesman for the majority union in the UGT prison area, should be counted as the injuries suffered by officers because it affects them in the performance of their work and creates fear and uneasiness.

Javier Martínez also warned that there has been a 400% increase in attacks on Catalan prison officers over the past six years and that “when they kill us, the Justice Department looks the other way.” In this sense, he said that the administration “doesn’t trust us, it pays more attention”. lobby what happens inside the penitentiary center” is what causes this defenselessness among employees. Furthermore, he pointed out that the new action protocol is a “make-up” that does not currently prevent these serious attacks.

A hundred people called by the UGT, IAC CATAC, Intercindical and CCOO unions took part in a protest in front of the Generalitat for facing “very serious lack of security in prisons” with more and more “indiscriminate attacks”. Loss of authority and respect. This is why they demand more personnel and put an end to “regimental harassment with open disciplinary files for workers with impeccable professional careers”. They also make the administration unattractive to the “constant monitoring” of its work and lament the “complete incompetence” of justice due to the increase in attacks on personnel.

Furthermore, they assure that there has been an increase in conflict, self-harm and suicides among prisoners. This is the reason why they want to increase the workforce by 500 soldiers, repeal of circulars for search of prisoners obstructing action, enforcement of sanctions provided in internal rules, recognition of prison staff as agents of authority. Seek solutions, so that their attack is considered a crime of assault, and legal support from the Generalitat for each attack, among others,

CCOO’s Prison Personnel Secretary Fernando Carreras lamented that Justice intended to “make up” the statistics, while the conflict was “excessive” with the intention of “minimizing the significance” of the attacks and “trying to sell a successful prison model”. go. But which is based on “extortionate and disproportionate concessions of prison benefits, not only to prisoners who deserve it, as the law says, but to many who do not deserve it.”

This is not the only trade union call to protest the increase in attacks in Catalan prisons. The CSIF union and the María Blava Association, along with the ACAIP, APFP and interclinical unions, will also meet on the same site on June 15, as they believe the current heads of the Justice Department “have done nothing before with similar complaints.” He had denounced the mandate at the beginning more than a year ago.

In a statement, María Blava explained that “unfortunately, many comrades” suffered the consequences of “brutal attacks” “in the form of obscene ideological files, in the form of retirements for 65 people working in the yard of a module”. Is. ” and added that “the annual growth rate of attacks is unbearable” as they have increased by 150% in the first quarter of 2022: “It is unsettling that our group has an average of 1.6 attacks and 2.1 attempted attacks every day. Violence that prisoners exercise against atonement professionals with the full connivance of the administration.”

In a letter from Francesc López, the coordinator of ACAIP Catalonia, to Minister Lourdes Sieur, he asked them to create an exclusive center for the first class with special personnel and to convert isolation modules into departments for decorated persons, in addition to requesting more went. Implement a clearance system with training, staffing and all “coercive”. The union recalls that there have been six serious attacks in recent weeks that could be described as attempted murder, in addition to the fire at Joves Prison, which is why it requests that justice be charged in these cases. appear as.

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